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i forgot my log in and now i can't log into my account no matter how many times i change my password. what's wrong? i made a new account cause i thought my old account was compromised but i was wrong so what's wrong?
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I'm having issues logging in as well. I'm relatively skilled at typing in passwords, but over and over again even though I type the exact right password, it will tell me I'm wrong. Yes, I know about case sensitive. I know it's not a matter of typing it in wrong. Even though it's right it keeps saying it's wrong, then randomly deciding to let me in.
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I've been having a similar problem. Last year I made a mule account. I was getting harassment so moved my stuff to my mule. The thing is, I forgot the password to my mule and forgot the email I used. I dunno if mods can tell me the email? Would help alot. heart
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so recently i tried to log in using my mule account. but i forgot the password so i clicked the 'forgot the password' button and ---gaiaonline sent me a mail to the email address for that mule.
unfortunately, few years ago, i blocked gaiaonline from sending mails into that email address.
so i signed in my hotmail and unblocked them. BUT, then i dont know how to make gaiaonline resend that mail. cause..it seems to say "mail has been sent to this account".
can someone help?

cause i only got 2 email address, one for main and for mule, its troublesome to register a new one.

basically, im asking for gaiaonline to resend the mail.
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yes it has given me a hard time on several occasions, my sister and bro had a hard time with theirs as well
my mule account that i had i tried to get in but I forgot my pass word so i re set it and now it's saying that im under 13 which im not when i made this account i was 20 what should i do?
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I don't no if this is the right place to post this..but I seriously need some help. I don't no if I've been hacked or not. I play on my phone. The problem is: when I try to gift a friend or non friend it says, I entered wrong password. So I tried to re enter it, still says same thing. So I went to try to change my password, but it says, I have to have current one. So I'm thinking I've been hacked. And the only reason im still on this acct is bc I have a bookmark on my phone. And here's the weird thing...if I've been hacked, then I couldn't be able to buy items bc I have to use my password in marketplace, but I did buy something and it worked. So can someone pls help me...I so wanted to send all my friends Xmas gifts and now its not letting me.
I also tried to see if I could get a password sent to my email address, but It kept sending me to my acct info on the site. So how can I get my password changed without the current one??? I'm in the most desperate help???
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I keep getting "Uh-Oh! Incorrect login info!" even when I type in everything correctly. If I restart my computer and try again that usually does the trick, but still...
When i try to log in it says "invalid login"
I type out my username and password each time.
I do have the "remember me" box checked in but since this has been happening i've just been typing out my login info, it takes 5 times and that stupid "are you real?" type box thing till i can log in. basically, i risk getting locked out just to log in x.x
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It wont let me in at all. I changed the password with the email. But no dice. This is actually a mule account i made 30 minutes ago...This better be a bug cause i thought i got hacked. Anywya im trying to get into my account Tsurugihime
I can not log into my main account no matter what I do! I tried changing my password to log in and when using the new password, it still wouldn't log me in. I tried logging into my mule so I could check on my avi to make sure no one hacked me and I discovered I couldn't log into my mule account either! I changed the password in my mule account and STILL couldn't log in. I then had no choice but to make another mule in order to check up on things. I checked on my main and it looks like no one has taken anything or made any weird posts so I don't know what's going on.

I did not have the remember me box checked! And every time I tried logging into my account all I got was the "invalid login" or "Uh-Oh! Incorrect login info." I didn't do anything incorrectly and I got the same message again and again.

Please! Please help soon. sad
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This affected me as well. Had all kinds of trouble Logging in. I tried everthing. I was using Mozilla Firefox.

However, I did disover that I could still log in using Explorer, Goggle Chrome or Safari. So I believe this bug affects those using Firefox to log into their accounts.

I prefer using Firefox but in this case I guess I'll be logging in using Goggle Chrome for a while. cat_gonk
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I can log in just fine, but when I try to cancel my outfit in the marketplace, it tells me my password is wrong, no matter how many times I put it in. I thought it might be someone messing with my account, so I changed it and tried again. Same thing. I'd really like to sell those items separately now, so this is more than a little vexing.
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I'm having this problem with my account Michiko_Chan (this is my brother's account)
Anyway what happened is it wouldn't let me log in with my password for whatever reason so I decided to change it. I got it to send me a e-mail and was able to change the password however when I tried to log in again it said the password was invalid. I believe that have Remember me and autofil turned on but I have been bypassing the autofil and was doing it manually because it wasn't letting me in and it still isn't letting me in.

My browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:18.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/18.0

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