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I am having login problems with my old account. It's been two years since I used it. I don't remember the email, unfortunately. But I know my password and username. But I can't log in.
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Huh... Good to know I ain't alone! My account name's Ibys_Volume. That's....literally all I can remember.

I'm using Internext Explorer, no for the "remember Me", and I refuse the autofill feature. I hate that thing.
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Ok for some reason when I log in into my parents computer I get what you guys got. But on my computer it works fine no problems.

-which browser are you using?My parents use Window XP and Firefox
- do you have "Remember Me" turned on? No
- do you have any sort of password autofill turned on in your browser?no
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I had issues logging in. I usually use the "Remember Me" option to stay logged in. I use Safari. I was also terrified because I visited a page in the forums that I frequent and it said I was online when I couldn't even log in. I was terrified that someone hacked me.
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I dunno if this is due to sandy or what but it took forever to log in Though it could be Verizon is having issues with servers here on the east coast.
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I have Verizon and I'm on the East Coast but I don't think that is the reason...I was able to log on to non-Gaia related accounts fine, except for Gaia.

It may be a Gaia problem. I'm still having problems logging in my other account.
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It took me about two and a half hours to be able to log on after running through browsers like Firefox, Pale Moon, Chrome,and Internet Explorer.

Firefox is what finally caved for me.

I live in Costa Rica, so I really don't think it's a location factor.

- which browser are you using? Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:16.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/16.0 [Totally just copy pasted the thingie that it says to paste when reporting bugs.]
- do you have "Remember Me" turned on? Yes.
- do you have any sort of password autofill turned on in your browser? Yes.
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Took me about 20 min to long in.

Kept getting a page load error after the auto- sign in would tell me I was logged out.

Did I have 'Remember Me' checked: Yes

Location: Middle of Nowhere, states over from East Coast, so nothing to do with the storm

Browser: Chrome (also tried Firefox)
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Here's what happened to me:

Went to bed last night with Gaia still logged on (I literally almost never log out). Woke up this morning and was logged off. I have remember me and autofill functions for Chrome.

I tried logging on, but it kept saying that I forgot my password, but it wasn't going to the verify your id with some sort of capche (or whatever the heck they're called). Just kept telling me to long in. In normal font under the "Uh oh" part was "Invalid Login. Try again." or something like that in normal text that i've never seen.

I tried this for about twenty minutes before realizing I don't know what email I had for my main account (this one) after all it is from like 2005. (I've updated the email now). But I knew one for an old mule account. I went through the steps and reseted my password and when I went to log in with that, it wouldn't let me.

I finally gave that up and just kept trying with Chrome, Firefox, and IE.
It took about two hours, but I was finally able to log in with Firefox and then after about twenty minutes Chrome (which i'm using now).

I am from VA and originally thought it was the storm, but Facebook and my email hadn't logged out or anything and were working perfectly.

EDIT: My password was never wrong in the first place.
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my problem is that it does not send any emails at all.

i cannot access my account (not this 1) at all since i forgot my password.
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I am having a problem where I can't log onto Gaia on my Nook color. Everything else works fine and I can log in on the computer just fine. My friends even tried logging into her account on my nook and it still didn't work. Keeps saying "incorrect information" and I know it's right.
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i have a error
- which browser are you using? firefox

- do you have "Remember Me" turned on? No

- do you have any sort of password autofill turned on in your browser? No
My problem is that it does not send any emails at all.
I cannot access my account (not this 1) at all since I forgot my password.
Zakat Calculator
I have a problem. I have an account that I have had and been on since 03... Ive been here a long time. Im pretty sure I know my password but no matter what I try I cant log in. and when I send my password to my email. it gives me an account that is not even mine... I log into this account and it says i am banned off of gaia until im 13.... I sure didnt make an account when I was 3.... Ive been on this site for almost 10 years now... and this problem has only been in the last year. I would really like my account back. and Id like to talk to someone who can help me. I dont know whats going on with this. Can someone please help me or point me in a direction of someone who can help me please?

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