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I've tried everything and it still fail. I couldnt remember what email i use for my main account.

- which browser are you using? Internet Explorer
- do you have "Remember Me" turned on? yes all the time
- do you have any sort of password autofill turned on in your browser? no.
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OMFG Shushu

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:20 pm
The problem Im having is that when I try to log in I get this:
"The username or password you've entered is incorrect. Try again."

When I know I entered it right!
I Don't have cap lock on o anything.
Then I try again and I can log in.

I am having the exact same issue! I have to reset every time I log in!
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Last night I was on Gaia when I saw one of my friend's Mygaia think bubble post :

FREE: http://gaiaonlineclaim.my3gb.com/items.ph

I clicked on this link and then my Gaia started playing up. I lost ALL the items on my Avatar, my Avatar simply changed clothes without my having ANY say in it. I also lost all my high cost items from my inventory!!!!




I couldn't log back in either.

I sent a password change to my email, and changed my password, but the damage is done.....OI lost my Dragon new year get up...my muramasa...my pink hair get up....practically EVERYTHING I've been saving up for....


Somebody help me!!!!

hey my borther Sweet Tigerboy forgot his password and the forgot login helps him none. it says he is trying to change osmeone else's password, but now he cant log in and cant create new account either. sad please help
browser: internet explorer
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On my old account fileape that I'm trying to get back and they told me to use the forgot password feature, it's either not sending me an email when I use it or my email just isn't getting it. >.<
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O: My friend activated her IP verification on gaia but it didn't send her an email. She gets email notices for changing her password and that kind of stuff but not for the activation of the IP thing. It's activated on gaia but no email was sent and now she can't log into her account because it's saying that she hasnt activated it on her email yet? o.e what is she suppose to do?
My freind has a similar problem to the one on the front page. He could not get in, went to make sure his password was correct, invalid, no email linked to account. He tries to make the account again figureing something happened and it did not save right, usser name and email already in use. Need more info, PM me.
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I'm havin similar problems. I chnged some of my acount info so i could get away from some ppl that were harassing me and then i ended up deleting my yahoo account Now i can't log into my my account at all and i'm wondering if it was because i deletd my email account

I have a similar problem... I was using my ex-boyfriends email that I had made for him, on my main avi account because I was too lazy to make another email for myself because my other too were already accounts that I decided to abandon. Anyways he was fine with it but we broke up and I was still using his email but he changed the password for the email so Gaia had a notice up that said that they couldn't contact me and like a dumby I decided to ignore it. Well, Idk if it was Gaia's doing or if it was my exboyfriend deleting that email account but I can't log on to my main account anymore (that account being "Darkest_Beauty" wink . It says that my password is incorrect even though I have remember me on and hadn't changed my password in a while. I never gave out my password to anyone, not even my ex-boyfriend, besides I had changed it since we had broken up because I was hacked. Anyways and since I can't access the email I have no way of changing the password.
This is happening to all of my accounts. Every time I want to log into any of them, I have to have my password reset by email (Which hasn't given me any problems so far.). But, this appears to only be happening to me when I use Google Chrome. Here on Firefox, I was able to log into this account on the first try.

- which browser are you using? Google Chrome
- do you have "Remember Me" turned on? No
- do you have any sort of password autofill turned on in your browser? No. I have tried a combination of both typing passwords out and copy/pasting them into the box and neither of those options work either.
Everytime I try to log in it says I put in an invalid password.

However it works the second time.
I forgot my password and email of my main!!! All I have is the username!! What can I do? help!
I just made my account and it will only let me log on using my iPhone. I tried on my computer but it keeps saying invalid password. Then i won't let me change it because I have already received an email to change it. I'm not sure what to do about it buy I would like to be able to play the game on my computer and not my phone. Oh and by the way I am using Internet explorer on my computer
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I keep having to type in the random words after my first login attempt otherwise it won't let me sign in. I'm using correct username and password but it still says its wrong and to put in the random words before it goes through. I've tried two different broswers IE8 and Firefox 10. something but still same thing happens. Also cleared browser history and java cache but still same thing happens.
I haven't been active in my main... until I wanted to login as of today, and I forgot the password. So I reset it, change and log back in, and it says invalid key. I also realized the there was something wrong with the password but I can't resend email for some time...

The browser I'm using: Firefox
Password Autofill: nope
Remember Me?: It exists, but I never turn it on.

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