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Nexus 7, not like it should matter.

I don't like this app's watered down portrayal of Gaia, and above all, it feels more like a child's play toy than the legitimate social networking tool I know. Only 13 year olds or older are "allowed" on, and most of us to appear to be at least 18 years or older, however this app as well a number of things on Gaia seem to be meant for 11 years or younger.

I know I said I didn't like the app watered down, but I think it'd be better if you made the app actually notify you of forum and pm updates in the android notification bar. Take out the marketplace, the Gaia editor, daily change, profile viewer, and pretty much strip the app down to basic Gaia functions only. I say all of this because Dolphin browser on android gives me the full Gaia experience much faster, more bug free, fuller screens, no kiddie toy feeling, and better flash and text compatibility. Its tabbed Gaia browsing on the go and I can't even imagine how your crap app can even hope to be worth anything in comparison unless it did something that dolphin couldn't already do. I'm thinking pm notification, but whatevs.
You may already know, but it will ask you to download the app, while inside the app.

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ᴘaiᴎ ᴉs ᴛHᴈ sIGᴎ ᴏF...

Also, can you input high quality image for high pixel density phones.
I have the droid DNA and I have a 1920x1080 pixel area on a 5" screen.
This causes the images on the app to be kind of blurry.
Honestly though, I feel like it needs a complete design makeover.

... weᴀᴋnᴇss LᴇᴀᴠIGHBoᴅY.
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What I dislike about the android app:

I can easily navigate to my guilds

I can't purchase anything for the shops

When I press back to go to the previous page it sends me to the main menu

I noticed when I was listing items on the market the password entry box was hidden and there wasn't a clear sign of a scroll bar when there was enough room for it to be visible.

I can't make and save outfits.

When I check my messages and go back to the main menu I have to resign in for the number to disappear. Same thing happens for notifications and for announcements.

There isn't as many features that coincide with the capabilities of the website. If I didn't have a laptop I wouldn't be able to do the same stuff on the website on the mobile app.

You only get prizes once a day on the mobile app, but on the website you have many chances to get a free gift in one day. Especially that rare floating white box that holds a mystery prize.

(I am using the S3 and Ipod 4th gen)
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Android App Rant~I am still having some difficulty logging in as BatChic on my Samsung Tablet 10 on the android app, and I prefer logging into the Gaia website itself, than the mobile app version, generally. It is slow going and coming from forums, does not give accurate account of PMs and notices, and when I have an animated item equipped on my avatar, it will not allow me to see the animated version of my avi.
Posting about the app functioning somewhat on my Samsung Epic 4G.

1) There's no rotate feature for the app, which essenially renders my hardware keyboard useless. Typing with the vertical keyboard is a huge nuisance. Rotating function is found in most Android apps.

2) Quoting in PMs doesn't work. There are quotaion marks that are found in the first part of the code for it that do not appear while using the feature on the app.

3) The number of notifications that appear on the homescreen of the app never seems to refresh. If it says I have one new announcement, for example, after viewing it, the app will still say I have one new announcement to view. It's hard to keep track of that sort of stuff, and is rendered usless when it doesn't function correctly.

4) I was just trying to subscribe to this thread and the app was telling me that I needed to sign in to do that... even though I obviously was.

5) The random force closes are annoying. I went all day yesterday without a single one, and today I experienced two. This stability is a serious problem.

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