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If you've experienced any problems with the android app, please let us know!

We'll be fixing bugs as quickly as we can, and we're also planning on adding more games and fun ways to earn gold and prizes in future versions. If there's something you'd like to see, please leave us your feedback also.

When reporting problems, please include the model of smartphone you're using. Thank you!

I have game ideas for old gaian games for mobile!!! App need try on for mp samsung G2
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Kitty: Just because your version has bugs that will possibly exist on the Android version too does not mean they shouldn't release it for Android until they've perfected yours. Android users have been waiting for over a year now for this, and just because it's not perfect for you, doesn't mean we shouldn't get it. Also, I've got no problems with my PMs being "eaten"

If apple devices have never supported Flash, as you say, they would not be able to play the *flash based games* being referred to in the previous posts.. This would require Gaia to completely rewrite their games to meet Apple's ridiculous standards, when they could much more easily just port the pre-existing flash based games into the Android app. And like I said. Your device doesn't even SUPPORT Flash. Therefore, I wasn't completely "discounting" it, since my statement was 100% correct, by your own validation.

RedEyeShinobi: I didn't understand a word of that.
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I have waited this long for a Gaia Online app, since you released it for the ******** a year ago, and you finally get around to releasing what sounds like a shitty port of the iOS version, and it DOESN'T EVEN WORK ON MY PHONE. Optimus V, and Gaia devs, go ******** yourselves.

EDIT: Saw Lanzer's (sushi database!) post a page back, and... yeah, still not taking back anything I said. Confirmed the lousy iOS port thing, though.
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Update 9/28

The text box in posts is moved up, to prevent keyboard overlap.

Application still looks like it belongs in iOS. I don't see why devs can't just make a different skin. I've given several suggestions, it would take a whole five minutes to remove the useless iOS bar up top. Android devices have more than one button (GASP!) rendering this obnoxious iOS bar, whose sole function is to provide a back button (useless on droids, as we have a built in back button).

Devices physical back button still drags you all the way to the main page. Program app to recognize back button the way the app currently recognizes the iOS style back button, remove the iOS bar. Easy.

Text seems to try to change itself. I tried five timed to write "up top" (see above) and the app kept removing the space between them. Had to go back and insert a space between them after five fruitless attempts to do it the right way. This is not the android autocorrect.

Forums have a zoom in/out button for some reason. Probably because the app utilizes the built in android browser.

Main page seems a bit too spacious. Too much unoccupied space. Hint hint games hint hint.

Do not let iOSs flaws (lack of flash, etc.) hinder the progression of the android app. Just because you can't easily port your flash games to iOS doesn't mean you shouldn't give it to the android app. And I know iOS fantards are going to reply with "that's not fair to us!" To which I preemptively reply with "you wanna talk fair? You had your app for over a year now while we had nothing. Maybe its our turn." The android platform is much more powerful, and provides functionality apple products have awkward wet dreams about, but will never have. Make use of the pure awesomeness that is android. And don't use that iOS/android dev kit. It's leaving older android devices with nothing because of how its programmed. Eclipse has a very nice android SDK.
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Correction. The iOS style back button ALSO drags you to the main menu. Major development flaw. Suppose I just want to go up to the forum list?
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I have two Samsung Android devices (Smartphone SAMSUNG-SGH-1927R, Android version 2.3.5, GINGERBREAD and Tablet GT-P7500R, Android version 3.1.) and I am unable to log into either of the Gaia On The Go apps with both devices.

NOTE: I am able to log onto the GaiaOnline App (Sitwon) easily, and and this app is able to remember my password efficiently.

The Gaia On the Go app, by comparison, does not show my user name clearly in the appointed box when typed in, and putting in my password is not user-friendly at all. (ie capital letters are ignored -- automatically changed to lowercase)

If my devices are not compatible with the Gaia On The Go app (ie. reason for log-in difficulty) please notify me, if possible.

Many thanks, BatChic

EDIT: I was able to log onto my Samsung smartphone, just now. Testing features as we speak.
Many thanks, BatChic
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Working with Samsung Android device: Smartphone SAMSUNG-SGH-1927R, Android version 2.3.5, GINGERBREAD.


Expected Response:
purchase one Comic Sounds item from the Marketplace
Identified Response: time lag, two Comic Sounds items were purchased from the Marketplace, but verification for only one purchase resulted

1. After going to the Marketplace menu on GAIA ON THE GO, I wanted to purchase from a Marketplace merchant the item Comic Sounds for 42,000g from my Gaia On The Go app.

2. I received the message that I was "timed out"and the item was not available, after typing in my password.

3. I went to the next seller, and purchased the Comic Sounds item (for 42,000g as listed.) This purchase was verified.

4. When I went to my Dressup menu to equip my Comic Sounds item, I found that both items were purchased. From my laptop, I check my Store Log: BatChic's Trading History -- Items BatChic Bought, and this is verified: I purchased two Comic Sounds.

I believe I am still experiencing difficulty entering my password with GAIA ON THE GO, resulting with the obvious lag, and "time out" response.

NOTE: I plan on keeping both Comic Sounds items, but wanted to report this glitch.

Many thanks, BatChic
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Working with Samsung Android device Tablet GT-P7500R, Android version 3.1.
I am unable to log onto GAIA ON THE GO with this device. Not accepting my password.

I receive the following message: "Error. Failed to login. Please check your username and password."

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Why would you release an Android app that isn't compatible with a ton of Android phones...

If you want to add to that list that you have on the application's download page it's not compatible with the HUAWEI U8180 or LG P500 either. It's only compatible with my boyfriend's Best Buy BB EH7 Tablet.


How about you develop an app that doesn't have a problem with the ARMv6 like all the other serious developers? Half the damn Android phone market uses it. stare
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As of yesterday I have not been able to use the app to read my pm's. When I tap the message to open it it comes up with a small line of code. I use an HTC tablet.
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I'm using Samsung stratosphere. I've really enjoyed it so far but the only problem is when I open my phone to use the qwerty keyboard, the app doesn't change it's layout so i'm forced to use the touchscreen unless I want to look at the app sideways.
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my biggest complaint is that I can't rotate to my fuller keyboard when I'm typing. If it did that I would be happy.

I have the HTC Droid Incredible 4g with operating system ICS.
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I'm disappointed that it isn't compatible with my device. I hope this changes...

I have an LG Optimus Slider. It's not even that old.

But props to you for programming an app and everything!
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Ijust wish it would work.on my lg optimus, since thats the only net right now, maybe a patch to make it compatible with lower power phones, its a paintyping this on my phone browser
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Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy S 3 (T999) Stock ICS 4.0.4

Full review

Pros: The fact there is finally an Android app for GaiaOnline! I love that I have access to the Marketplace and the Cash Shop. This will make it very handy when I'm auction hunting for a good price and I know the item is on a down slope. Actually, everything that is included is great. Being able to change my avatar on the go, access forums, check the new announcements, and send and receive PMs are all great. The forum set up is pretty nice, and easy to navigate. The Mail looks clean and reminds me of a stand-alone mail app. (Which is a plus in my mind.) Overall the interface is decent, but I do have a few complaints.

Cons: First off, my biggest issue with the app so far is that it has no landscape mode. With the S3 the charging port is on the bottom, and when I have it plugged into the charger, I either have to hold it, or tilt my head sideways to use the app. Next it the amount of wasted screen space. There is about a 1/2" to 1" of empty space on the home screen and Dress Up. When I'm in the Cash Shop, I run into a glitch where the items being sold are vertical and in a single row, causing me having to scroll down quite a ways to see them all. On the Notifications tab, I have a constant 1 in the top right, no matter how many times I go into it, or check everything, which is a bit annoying (I hate leaving notices unchecked). I have also encountered the "Web page not found" glitch a few times, but not enough to keep me from using the app effectively. While I love the ability to change my avatar anywhere now, I don't love how clunky and difficult it is. Refreshing the entire screen for a page change takes longer than needed, and some things are a bit small to click on. Also, the item icon layout is 4x7, but the bottom row only has 3 items in it (going back to more wasted space). I'm taking a guess and going to say this was made for a smaller than 4.8" screen. Also, I'm not a huge fan of the color scheme. Maybe some sort of customization there? A couple other things are the inability to scroll the page up when the keyboard comes up, and the inability to use the hardware back key to simply go back a screen (which I know branches from it being an iOS port). *edit* I just noticed that when I attempt to equip an item that has multiple poses, like a sword, it would not let me equip.

Conclusion: *edit* I liked the app thus far. The overall execution is pretty good, but definitely a lot of room for improvement. I would really love to see it become it's own application and separated from the iOS version. After hearing it's only going to be and always will be a port from iOS, I don't think I will continue to use the app or recommend it to any other person using Android. I feel like the Android Gaia users are simply a second thought that the devs thought they would simply try and appease by releasing an app made for a phone that we, as Android users, avoided for a reason.

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