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Thanks for making the Android app!

I have one concern about the app. I noticed that the password field isn't treated as a password, so the entire thing is spelled out on my autocorrect when I'm typing in the password, and it's then saved as a word in the dictionary. That doesn't seem very secure to me. Is there a way to fix that?

I'm using a Motorola Droid 2. Thanks!

EDIT: Android version 2.3.4
Try typing your password in a text message then undo the auto correct there then copy or cut your password out and paste it to the Password area... Try this for now till they attend the issue...

I had this problem before using the Yahoo messenger Ap and it was annoying to do all the steps just to sign in but it works and its more secure as long as you dont accidentally send your PW to an un-wanted person razz ... Gladly now Yahoo fixed the problem XD
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*couldn't even log in. i got some error msg. -_-
*the boxes were to small to type in
android version 2.3.6
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I like this app, just need to be able to access Guilds as I currently own one.

It would be nice to have it rotate when I turn my phone, but it's not needed.

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i was excited to learn that there was a gaia app for androids, until i found that even though my phone is a huawei ascend 2, that it's still not compatible. way to NOT list all phones and depress me.
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It's nice to see an Android app, finally... unfortunately, almost every phone isn't even compatible with it. Why is that? neutral
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Toxic LoIIipop
It's nice to see an Android app, finally... unfortunately, almost every phone isn't even compatible with it. Why is that? neutral

They want us to buy new phones. talk2hand wink

Well it's nice that we finally have an app for android, even if it doesn't work for me and many many others.
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I can't log in because of the IP mismatch... do I have to remove that, because I like having that security for my gaia acct...
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i'm using the Droid 4. A quick test of the app showed that I there is no access to the friends list.
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My only question is why isn't this app supported by such a handful of Android devices? Did the team working on the app even try to come up with an alternative to make it work for those devices, perhaps even try to rebuild the app from scratch using some assets from the iOS app? I was hoping it would work on my phone, the main site is a little frustrating to navigate on a smartphone. A mobile site would be nice >__>

I was able to install it on my tablet though. I'll update this post once I'm done thoroughly checking it out, but a few things to note from my initial testing:

*Font size is terribly sized on the login screen. A lot of people are saying it's too big and cuts off; I'm saying it's too small, probably somewhere between 9 and 11px.

*The entire screen itself has this big black area on the side, which I believe is a dead giveaway that this was a half-done port from the iOS app.

*On my first try of the Daily Chance, it screwed up on me horribly. Once I finished scratching, the screen blanked out and I didn't know what I got.

*THERE IS NO ROTATION. This is an accessibility issue, IMO. It's very inconvenient and it should be the first thing your Android team should fix.

Android devices used:
* StraightTalk ZTE Merit (ZTE- z990G, formerly ATT Avail), rooted, running Gingerbread OS (phone)
*Acer IconiaTAB A500, running Ice Cream Sandwich OS (tablet)
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Thanks for the app.
Now the issues. Everyone has said this, when pressing the back button, you get a connection has timed out. On top of that, the words stay on the screen until you open up another screen and they'll be removed.

Cash shop is a disaster. Previewing in the CS is also broken.

There's a gap as mentioned before in an earlier post.

When switching out of the app, and going back to it, text in the forums are gone, requiring a restart of the app.

No real way to completely shut down the app.

When browsing the forums, at the bottom of the page, its a bit difficult to move to the next page because of the option to zoom in and out sometimes get in the way. Can be avoided by going back to the top of the page and pressing the page number there.

Allow us to search for items in dress up. With pages of items in my inventory, its takes a while to find the item I want.

When changing the status of an item on my wish list, it lags. Although its probably because I have a massive list, so I'll assume its me. Can someone else check??

When clearing a status, it doesn't clear it at all, its still there.

I can understand wanting to save time, but you were better off building one from scratch then doing a port of the iPhone version.
That's all I got for now.
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I've only used the Gaia app twice-ish as of now, and what I'm going to say is definitely the same with other reviewers...
But anyway...

      Having a "back" button on the left top corner isn't really necessary. It's not an iOS/iPhone where there's only one button on the actual phone itself. Android phones have a "back" button on its own, so I don't think we need that "back" button on our screen...
      Plus, the whole screen looks like an iOS screen (I've played with one of my friend's Gaia App on their iPhone in the past, and it looks EXACTLY the same). Especially the top looks really weird... It feels like I have two bars at the top....
      So would it be possible to make a more, Android-y app? Or at least with the screens?

      Something that I'm not very happy about this App is that I can't "back" out of the Application to my main screen. No matter how many times I press the back button on my phone, I can't get out of the Application, unless I press my Home button.
      Is it possible to fix that as well?

      The Password section, when logging in, isn't very secure. When I type in my password, the words I type in are shown in the "Auto Correct" box.... Can you fix that?

      I've just noticed while checking my PMs within the App... The number in the "Private Messages" icon in the main screen doesn't go away, even after I checked my Messages.
      Just a few minutes ago, it had a number two on the top right corner of the "Private Messages" icon. I checked it and read it. Then I returned to the main screen only to find the number Two still there.
      Same goes with the "Notification" icon in the main screen. Even after I checked all possible notifications, the number still won't go away.
      Is that a bug, or is it... something else?

Android Incredible 2
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Sadly my year old Samsung Replenish is not compatible. Luckily, my HTC tablet is! I prefer the pp for forum browsing on the tablet, its great and much simpler. However, I mostly use Gaia for the PM system. Once I try to delete a message it wont go away, even if I delete and refresh the screen. I have to log back into the browser to do that. Also, when I reply to a message and it is sent when I log back in to the regular website the message shows in my inbox as unread. I would really like better communication between the app and the website so I don;t have to keep checking outbox and sent if I have forgotten who I replied to last. Thanks for the app, I know it will continue to get better and hopefully soon be available for my phone too.
First off I would love to say that thank you for bringing this out for aneroid based devices.

HOWEVER, I myself cannot download the app. I have the kindle fire that is not a compatible android device for the google play store or to be able to download the Gaia on the go app.

I would like to ask if it would be possible that this app somehow be put up in the kindle fire app store. I just recently downloaded the app for Monster Galaxy Zodiac Islands after waiting who knows how long for it to be made avaliable in the kindle fire app store.

I would love to use the Gaia on the go app, so please take this into consideration.

We're busy fixing the basic bugs right now, and as soon as the app is more stable we'll release it for the Kindle also.

Thank you everyone for submitting your feedback. We'll fix as much bugs as we can and add more features afterwards.
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Posted about glitches already, but I'd like to suggest making the app actually look like an ANDROID app and not iOS (I hate Apple) and take away the unnecessary back button, do something about dress-up (I have like 1000 items and there's not even a search function), and make more things available, like Guilds. I pretty much only ever post in Guilds these days.
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The compatibility issue is most likely not a "Gaia wants us to buy new phones" issue. The issue is more likely to be that they're using the latest version of the Android SDK, and have utilized functions that the older versions of Android (maybe anything Eclair 2.1 or below) may not be able to use. While I don't see anything that these devices couldn't physically handle, it may be there. Perhaps a Gaia on the Go Lite app is in order. Or, if Gaia could just post the .apk with instructions on how to use an apk file for those whose devices aren't supported, that would be helpful to these people.

I'm on an ICS 4.0 device, so mine's fully compatible.

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