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App doesn't work on my phone.

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Can we please have a way to get into our guilds on the app? Also a way to get into the sub-sub-sections of some forums? Like Doctor Who, for example.

Edit: oh found the way to get to the sub-sub-forums. Nevermind that part then, good job guys.
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Can we please have a way to get into our guilds on the app? Also a way to get into the sub-sub-sections of some forums? Like Doctor Who, for example.

I second the request to access guilds through the app. It's rather annoying getting the notice from the guild but being unable to find out what the notice is for.
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Android- HTC Incredible

i logged onto the app, and had 2 my gaia notices and 1 announcement notice,
but when i clicked to go to the announcement, it said "no announcements for you"(paraphrased),
and the my gaia notices never loaded.
I use an android phone as well, of course with the android market XP
BUT I don't see a Gaia Online app anywhere on the market surprised I forgot the name of my phone but Its from NTelos and the model number is A854.
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Pretty sure I mentioned there was no access to the Guild when the app first came out.

Anyway, this time I am having a terrible problem with my private messages.
I send messages, but but don't actually send when I check the outbox/sent
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This app works gret so far althouh I have to say there's a tiny bug in it. If I visit the forum from the app, I'm prompted to download the app. If I click OK the forum won't load but if I click cancel it does. But the main question is: why does it give me that message in the app itself? It doesn't make any sense.
I've only really used the forum and dress up parts of this appand not for very long but there's a couple of things I've noticed so far worth mentioning I think.

Posting is simple and easy, I like the format, its good for an app., Less liking being redirected to the first page of a thread after posting though.
Surely it would be more sensible to direct to the last post of a thread - especially after prompting you to "check out your post here".

And dress ups was okay at first but just doesn't work for me at all now.
I've been wondering if it's just my phone though since nobody else seems to have commented on this. Samsung Galaxy S3, last tines I used this app briefly for dress ups was on a Samsung Galaxy S.
Now the app crashes every time I choose a different inventory than tops.

EDIT: Also on private messages, couldnt find a next/previous button, not cool. Would like that please or a swipe between messages function like a lot of email apps have.
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The Gaia App isn't available for my version of Android. Or it's not compatible. I have an LG Optimus Q android and it's a 2.3.4 version. Not sure if my version is too old or what. I thought I would post in here and maybe get an answer though.
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I love the app as I can post and get a daily chance, however I wish I could still do the valintines day things such as get the candy and roll dice when I make a post. My internet is out at home and the app is my only connection to gaia.
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Sending/deleting PMs doesn't work.
Samsung Galaxy S
I have a Android Huawei asend from straight talk and so far the only thing that has bothered me on this is that I bought Gaia cash two days ago and still haven't received them. It is way annoying and I have tried many times to address this problem with admin but to no anvil. Please fix or at least message me so I know yall are on it. Thank you
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I have a nexas 7 and I'm getting the 'get Gaia on the go android app' when I try and navigate to a few of the pages and it stops me from using the page.
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I am not really sure how to do this, but can you disable keyboard suggestions for the login input fields?
I am using a HTC Droid DNA with the SwiftKey keyboard.

This is a big issue one, because when I type in my password again, SwiftKey memorizes words I typed in, so it saves my password in the dictionary. Also, if someone is glancing over my shoulder, they would be able to see it. Also, it is a bit annoying that it is offering suggestions for my username when my username is neither a common name nor an actual word.

I know this is possible, and with a slight bit of developer experience, I know it is possible. I have never had made a login interface before, though. I am sure the developers of the keyboards are aware though.

... weakness leaving the body.
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Pain is the sign of...

Also, when I click "Announcements" from the first menu, I got a message that said the Gaia Android App is available that gave two different possible confirmations. At first I clicked "Ok" and nothing happened and nothing loaded. It only showed the background where the announcement should be.

I tried to read another announcement and instead I clicked cancel. The announcement showed up as it should. In addition, the message does not show up again. I am assuming this is the same message that Android users receive if they went to Gaia through a webpage.

Also, the next button does not work. I click "Next" and the announcement goes away and the blank background shows. I have to go back to the menu and click "Announcements" again to see the next announcement.

... weakness leaving the body.

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