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Did you post your least fave thing?

Yes!! 0.32623456790123 32.6% [ 2114 ]
No ='D 0.23179012345679 23.2% [ 1502 ]
GOLDLOL 0.25617283950617 25.6% [ 1660 ]
Thanks Rina, now I feel ill. T_T 0.1858024691358 18.6% [ 1204 ]
Total Votes:[ 6480 ]
food: dates
drink: coconut milk
Restaurant: a mexican restaurant that gave me food poisoning
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I hate snapple the most. xp
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i hate olives...and vitamin water
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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Coconut. Ugh the smell and taste makes me want to puke even just thinking about it. gonk
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If it were up to me, I would send all the turnips in the world to Mars. mad
I dislike Brussel Sprouts the most.I know im older but....BLAGH!Its AWFUL.I also dislike that desert where its deep fried sugar coateded brussel sprouts. I perfer a yum_burger over that stuff anytime even in a fancy,life depends on eating brussel sprouts,resturaunt

K.C. ~ yum_strawberry
Asparagus. I've tried it again and again, to no avail. Drink wise, milk is gross just saying
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Food? I've got to say brussels sprouts. It's a consistency thing.

Drink? I'm not big on soda. I don't really want to say it's my least favorite. I don't know that I HAVE a least favorite drink

Restaurant? I really dislike the Ruby TUesday/Chilis/Applebees/etc chains. They gross me out. I've worked in bars too long to really enjoy eating out.

Recipe? Hrmmm... gotta say I don't know that I have a least favorite recipe. I love cooking.

Cookware? Blenders. They are such a pain in the butt to clean!

TV cooking show? Ugh. I don't watch them. Haha

Chef? No idea here.
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Hate meatloaf emotion_puke emotion_0A0 emotion_donotwant
Seafood but I still like sashimi. And anything bitter.
I used to hate this soup my mom would make when I was young. It was bitter and horrid...and green... emotion_facepalm
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I hatehatehate anything from the sea and have a serious vendetta
against mexican food! neutral
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Any dish that has bitter gourd in it! yuck! xp
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Any kind of food from East-Asia.
I also don't like seafood much.
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For food, it's raw tomatoes. I don't know why because I like it stewed, in soups, grilled, ANYTHING except raw. crying Also this nasty tamale I had where I thought had meat, but turned out to be brown sugar and raisins or god knows what because I almost barfed trying to force it down my throat. gonk And way too hot/spicy stuff because I'm a weenie. cry


Drinks... I don't get beer. I'll drink it because it's there, but I don't see what's so great about it.

Restaurants would be any with crappy/rude service. I forgot this one place's name where it was like a bar and a restaurant but filled with douchebags and rude skanks with poor makeup. Never again.

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