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Did you post your least fave thing?

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No ='D 0.23150431565968 23.2% [ 1502 ]
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* Food? Food Eh? I gotta say I dislike Fillipino Cuisine. And I a am a Fillipino... so this says alot.
My favorite quote.
"The only way to enjoy Fillipino food, is on fear factor"
I don't mean this about all of it... but a good amount of it

* Drink? Hmm, I can't really say, maybe mineral water. Yuck
* Restaurant? I can't say hate any restaurant. I love to eat... and pretty much anywhere is an ok place for me to eat... except those MSG imposter places, and Thai food, I got a peanut allergy.
* Recipe? One word, Balut. Premature duck egg? Not for me.
* Cookware? Those cast iron black frying pans, something about them screams sketchy
* TV cooking show? Anything with Rachel Ray
* Chef? Rachel Ray, seriously, how does she eat that much and not get fat? In every single T.V. show she's eating!
Food? I hate hate hate HATE spinach. It makes me gag everytime. It smells funny and it looks funny! D<

Drink? Anything rasberry. That and sparkling water.

Restaurant? The Black-Eyed Pea. God damn them and their nasty spaghetti.
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calamary(fried squid) egg plants,bannanas,apples and all tipes aof fish and sea food
I'm not too fond of pig intestines.
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What is your LEAST favorite ...
Food? Basically ANY kind of vegetable rolleyes

Drink? Tea scream

Restaurant? Wendy's

Recipe? Meatloaf mad

Cookware? Any kind of cheaply made pots/pans domokun

TV cooking show? Rachel Ray sweatdrop

Chef? I don't think I have a least favorite. My Best favorite, though, is Rocco heart
Seafood.. o 3o
sashimi! i hate raw fish!
My least favorite food is brussel sprouts, or red onions. But i'l allergic to red onions so i have a good reason for that.
I hate pop. any kind of pop is my least favorite drink.
I also hate the Olive Garden.
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I hate fish and peppers. blegh
Oh gosh, I'm going to get flamed but...
Normal Cheetos. Hate them, too cheesy, too crunchy. And the commercials make me faint! Sorry!
Pudding. It's a thing that I've absolutely hated since I was little because everytime I know that I'm going to throw up, I get the taste of pudding in my mouth. Not to say that every time I eat pudding I throw up (although that's true), it's just I get the sensation it's there.
My least favorite food is cow's stomach (i forgot what the dish is called).
I hate it because it smells bad and it tastes gross xp
Least favorite drink is root beer. My least favorite restaurant is "Panchos and Gringos".
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Pasta that is sweet instead of salty D:
My mom's fried chicken. She doesn't use breading and it's all shriveled...

V8 vegetable cocktail (not the carrot juice variety)

McDonalds, for the nasty greasy feeling it gives me.

Any kind that's too difficult to clean

...my mom, when there aren't very many savory ingredients in the refridgerator.

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