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Did you post your least fave thing?

Yes!! 0.32629469790382 32.6% [ 2117 ]
No ='D 0.23150431565968 23.2% [ 1502 ]
GOLDLOL 0.25647348951911 25.6% [ 1664 ]
Thanks Rina, now I feel ill. T_T 0.18572749691739 18.6% [ 1205 ]
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sea food. Awful stuff. Unless cooked with Zaterans (sp?)...then it's great.

Drink: Sam's Club Smoothies.

Dessert: Cherry anything.

Place to Eat: Mexican anyplace. I can't eat that stuff. No really I can't, I get sick even when I smell it. It's awful.
* Food? Congee(Rice porridge)
* Drink? Some herbal tea that i forgot the name of.
* Restaurant? McDonalds(im a healthy kinda person)
* Recipe? I dont no how to cook.
* Cookware? The Spoon!
* TV cooking show? Theres shows about cooking on tv?
* Chef? uhh the only chef i know is elzar from futurama sweatdrop xd
i hate all food... i no im a freak
I HATE VEGES!!!! including brussel sprouts ther mouldy there putris there gross!!!!! gonk crying crying AND I HAD 5 OF THEM LAST NIGHTS DINNER!!!!!!just to eat dessert. 3nodding 3nodding xd xd BUT TH DESSERT WAS VEGE ICE-CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(my mom made it)
Food: Peas, artificial grape, cherry candy, those cherries you put on cakes, Curly Fries from Jack in the Box (they made me have some sort of food poisoning...)

Drink? Taro Pearl Drinks

Restaurant? None. If I had a least favorite I would have completely forgotten about it or refused that it existed.

Recipe? I don't know how to cook anything except instant noodles, pudding, jell-o, cookies, and blueberry muffins. sweatdrop . It's such an odd mix of non-healthy food.

TV cooking show? The Jack Emery Show...so weird and awkward to watch his show for some reason.

Chef? Well obviously it's Jack Emery...I don't even know if I got his name right, that's how much I dislike him. xD.
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What is your LEAST favorite ...
  • Food?
  • Drink?
  • Restaurant?
  • Recipe?
  • Cookware?
  • TV cooking show?
  • Chef?
Please be sure to post that all here!

I dislike beer.
My sister's sticky batter recipe.
Rubber cookware that burns.
I don't have a least fav. cooking show I like watching things like "Ace of Cakes".
Emerald because hes an icon rather than a great cheif. It should be like "Hell's Kitchen".
* Food? chocolate
* Drink? pepsi or champaign
* Restaurant? mexican
* Recipe? idunno
* Cookware? i dunno
* TV cooking show? i dunno
* Chef? idk
mine is spinich
tofu...end of story gonk eek
peanut butter fudge
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I like pizzas and hate food with pork.
* Food? Crabs. Peas and carrots. And Veggies. YUCK!
* Drink? Milk, anything that gives you diherra, V8.
* Restaurant? I don't know.
* Recipe? Same.
* Cookware? Sporks.
* TV cooking show? Good Eats.
* Chef? Racheal Ray.
omg i hate liver and pig feet
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Food?: Cashews and Pistachios
Drink?: Tonic Water
Restaurant?: Fast food places.
Recipe?: I can't think of one off the top of my head. XD
Cookware?: None
TV cooking show?: Semi-Homemade. And Barefoot Contessa.
Chef?: Bobby Flay. >:E
Food? Bitter melon

Drink? Milk...cuz I'm semi-lactose intolerant...

Restaurant? Any place that forgets us for 30 mins+ and makes us walk out on them...*cough cough* House of Blues in Disneyland *cough cough* *mumbles* Bastards...

Recipe? Anything that takes longer than 2-3 hours...

Cookware? Garlic press....cuz...it's useless...you never get all of the garlic...

TV cooking show? Don't remember exactly what it's called...but it has something to do with "Almost Homemade"...it's on the Food Network...

Chef? The lady from that show...

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