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Did you post your fave thing?

Yes!! 0.37457759292956 37.5% [ 2882 ]
No >:( 0.17338185599168 17.3% [ 1334 ]
gold pl0x! 0.20236547959449 20.2% [ 1557 ]
Rina made me hungry! :gonk: 0.24967507148427 25.0% [ 1921 ]
Total Votes:[ 7694 ]
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Pizza, Spagehitti, Ribs, Lumpia, Stake, chicken or beef curry, Mashed potatoes, Chicken Drum sticks, Turkey Drum sticks, Strawberry pocky, Strawberry Yan-Yan, Sour cream and onion chips, Panset, Lumpia, Chicken and Bacon Ranch Subway Sandwitch, cruchy chicken (or beef) wrap from taco bell, Big and Tastey from McDonalds, Wopper from Burger king, Classic Single from Wendys, Pot roast, carrots, strawberries, keweis, chocolate, reeses, Oranges, apples, apple sauce, pican pie, ice cream (strawberry or chocolate or vanilla with syurp, sometimes coffee ) Apple pie, golash, sushi, fried rice, sushcabobs, hotdogs, Showpow, Chicken or beef adobo with sauce, M and M cookies and freshly made Chocolate Chip cookies, Strawberry Yogart, Grape Yogart, Orange Yogart, lemonade, bacon sandwitch with mayonase from RJ gators, Mac and Cheese, Gummy worms, Sour worms, star bursts, Ramen,
Sour Straws, Twisslers, Popsicles, California Rolls, Miso Soup, and Yaki Souba.

Sushi. Anything asian.


Dr. Pepper. REAL lemonade.


Sushi Q in Phoenix.


Don't realy have a favorite. I just love to cook.


My santuku knife.

TV cooking show?

Good Eats.


Alton Brown.
Dr. Pepper = Vault = Mountain Dew = Pepsi Blue = epic win cool .
Sushi. 'nuff said. 3nodding
My favorite food is a shredded chicken sandwich with lettuce mayonaise (from Peru) and small crispy french fries inside the sandwich as well 4laugh
My favorite drink is Inca Cola heart
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Cereals and Pastas.

Dr.Pepper, Chocolate Milk, and Apple Juice

Pasta House and Red Lobster

Chocolate Chip Cookies & Baked Alaska

Microwave & Stove

TV Cooking Show:
Whatever is on, I'm jealous they get to eat it. D:

Any that makes appealing-to-the-eye food. xD

Almost anything edible. Especially ramen. 3nodding

*shrugs* Milkshakes?

*shrugs again* If it has food, chances are I love it.

Probably rice krispies. *drools*

My microwave. It gives life to my ramen.

TV cooking show?

It's a tie between my grandma and my dad. They're both great, but at different foods.
Food ramen

Drink coke

Restaurant panda express

Recipe my famous chicken

Cookware uh...stove?

TV cooking show no idea

Chef uh..whats his name.... gonk
Ice cream (authentic gelato) and Shrimps.

I could go MILES for those things <33333
i love steak and the original Iron chef that needs to be brought back gonk
Though I hate cooking, I love eating gonk

Chinese-style spare ribs and pretty much any kind of curry for meee heart

YaY! ME 2~ blaugh
i love pie :3

also any1 pm me if u wanna b friends <3
Favourite food is pizza. wink
Whats my favs?

Food? Chinese (any kind) and Cheesecake

Drink? Milkskake and vanilla milk (See recipe)

Restaurant? Olive Garden and Red Lobster

Cookware? Spoon (so I can sample while I am cooking)

TV cooking show? Not much on cooking shows

Recipe? Vanilla Milk

Glass of milk
Teaspoon of vanilla (more if using big glass)
Sugar to taste

My mom used to make this for me as a kid so I would drink my milk. It is the equilvalent to a poor man's milkskake.
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My favorite resturant is the panda express i looove chinese food.....

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