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Did you post your fave thing?

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My favorite food would have to be Japanese.

Oh god, it's like... that good, THAT GOOD.

I also enjoy burritos, and chinese food.
My favorite food is chocolate anything. My favorite drink is diet peach snapple. My favorite restaurant is TGIFridays. The other questions i have no answer to.
egg noddles ^-^

uhmmmm chocolatemilk!

ohh notsure uhhh... any pizza resteruant

homemade cookies recipe!!!

Cookware? sporks

TV cooking show? emerial!

Chef? emeril >.<
Food? Steak! ((Top sirloin)) ;]
Drink? OMG Coke all the way! x]
Restaurant? Black Angus Smokehouse =D
Recipe? Rice Krispies Dx So fattening yet so good...
Cookware? Anything without silicon D:
TV Cooking show? Rachel Ray :3
Chef? Rachel Ray =]

Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and other dishes I find interesting

Cream soda, root beer, Starbucks Frappachino bottle, smoothies, etc.


I love local resturants which is Wong's Kitchen (chinese), Geisha (Japanese), Carinos (Italian), etc. Well I'm not sure if Carinos is local, but for great burgers, In N Out!


I'm not really picky...

Longer they are clean. razz
TV cooking show?

Iron Chef, Dotch Cooking, 30 minute dishes.


I always thought that Emeril was cool. Bam!! Oh! Always a trademark. Another one is the chef's in Dotch Cooking, they are entertaining!
Food? Well any type of food.

Drink? A mix of grape and dark cherry.

Restaurant? Olive Garden

Recipe? Alfredo

Cookware? Steel Pot

TV cooking show? Unwrapped

Chef? Alton Brown
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Food: Candy Canes and Pocky. Yum.
Drink: Strawberry and Vanilla milkshake
Restaurant: Bennihana's
My grandfather's hotdogs when they have mustard, relish and potato chips on them. ^^

Green River

Heck I dunno, probably Cheeseburger in Paridise.

Dunno. I'm not very good at cooking..

the microwave (if that counts as cookware)

TV cooking show?
dunno. don't really watch cooking shows.. sweatdrop

dunno. don't really pay attention to chefs..
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I like any Polish food. <3 ]:..
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mmmm....Pocky.... 4laugh
Ummmmm lets see i love burittos no actually Love them lolz mrgreen
but i am still cyte and i like rice tacos cheese.....here is one thing that i LOve and everyone else does here it is.....PIZZA!!!!!!! LOL like who doesnt Duh....LOL rofl
I like marshmallows =D

aand Mexican and Chinese food. And the all-time best thing ever would have to be Kraft Macaroni & Cheese cool some things are not meant to be beaten.
Rina made a quiz thingie! surprised

* Food: CHEETOS!
* Drink: Water cool
* Restaurant: I'd have to say Murphies Fish and Chips down in Truro NS
* Recipe: The recipe for destruction LASAGNA!
* Cookware: Frying pan of doom cool
* TV cooking show: Ones with yummy looking food!
* Chef: Chef Boyardee!

There ya go Rina! surprised
* Food? Temperaur Shrimp! =D
* Drink? Gatorade Lemonade, is it in you?! ;D
* Restaurant? Green Leaf Chinese Buffuet! And Green Sparrow, can't forget my parent's resturant! <3
* Recipe? Hm...I'll have to look in more on that.
* Cookware? I can't cook, sorry. x_x
* TV cooking show? OMG! MARTHA STEWART! >=3
* Chef? Martha Stewart? xD

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