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I love fajitas. Marinated meats, sauces, cheeses, everything. I guess one of the things I love about it is that you can make a bunch of different types, but it's a broad category.
* Food?
Spicy Chicken, burritos, tacos, fries, caramel corn, caramel ice cream, frozen Sour Patch Kids. <3

* Drink?
Milkshakes, Mango Lemonade, frozen juice (in those cans), orange pop, apple juice.

* Restaurant?
Kin Doh's (Local Vietnamese place) and Chipotle (OMGYES).

* Recipe?
My family's recipe for Pixie cookies. 8D

* Cookware?
Blenders. >:B

* TV cooking show?
Iron Chef!

* Chef?
Masaharu Morimoto. O: He's cool.
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* Food? -Strawberries 3nodding

* Drink? -Ummmm... Root beer or Birch beer

* Restaurant? -Seven Seas. Tis Chinese.

* Recipe? -I have one too many. Peanut Butter Fudge id probably the first

* Cookware? My pan domokun I use it all the time to cook my favorite pastas

* TV cooking show? Don't know

* Chef? My dad whee
Indian food is my favorite, the spicier the better!
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* Food?

Vanilla icecream, lima beans, sweet potatoes, all kinds of vegetables.

* Drink?

coffee, water, genmaicha tea

* Restaurant?

Fresh Choice
mmm....Lechon...so hungry right now...
POCKY!!! biggrin
My favorite food is icecream!!!! And that also just so happens to be my boyfriends nick name..... My favorite bevirage/drink is pepsi.
mm..mmmm!!..im so hungry..i love a salad and pizza..and my favorite drink is Water..I JUST DONT KNOW WHY..BUT IM IN LUV WITH WATER XD

me <3 heart water
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I looove Rib rack and Larry's!
But I think they're in Philly only...
I'm not sure biggrin

* Food? - Mashed potatoes, and French Fries!
* Drink? Um...lemonade, orange soda, water, and Brisk!
* Restaurant? Larry's and Rib Rack biggrin
* Recipe? Um....instant mashed potatoes
* Cookware? Heat!

[NPC] Rina
I just LOVE trying new things to eat! Some of my favorite things are chocolate and milk! YUM!

Post here and tell us what you like!

What is your favorite ...
  • Food?
  • Drink?
  • Restaurant?
  • Recipe?
  • Cookware?
  • TV cooking show?
  • Chef?
Please be sure to post that all here!

Drink: Ice tea
Resaurant: Anywhere where there is lots of fish or chinese food ^^ and noodles!!!
Recipe: Cinammon!!!!
Cookware...: I unnuh
Cooking show....: I dunno a place where they make things go on fire then its completely cooked perfectly twisted
Chef..: I don't know I really don't watch cooking very much ._.

- Puertorrican food... And mostly the one my mom cooks! She's awesome! and Italian food


-Alcoholic beverage: Mojitos; Drink: Water or Pepsi


-Right now I'm addicted to Carabba's, Bennigan's and IHOP


- Arepas de coco! That's puertorrican stuff! ^^


-I don't mind.

TV cooking show?

-Iron Chef America and Emeril's


-Mario Batalli! heart
Fresh Bear paw soup.
My grandfather makes it while hunting.
drinks?i cant deside

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