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Did you post your fave thing?

Yes!! 0.37459368092576 37.5% [ 2881 ]
No >:( 0.17344948641269 17.3% [ 1334 ]
gold pl0x! 0.20231439344689 20.2% [ 1556 ]
Rina made me hungry! :gonk: 0.24964243921467 25.0% [ 1920 ]
Total Votes:[ 7691 ]

anything chocolate
mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen
~Queen of Sexy Angels~
mm..mmmm!!..im so hungry..i love a salad and pizza..and my favorite drink is Water..I JUST DONT KNOW WHY..BUT IM IN LUV WITH WATER XD

me <3 heart water

omg, i love water too
tis oh so natural mrgreen
My favourite food/drink combo would defanatly be a donair with bacon and chesse and some peach juice! Nothing beats that
My fav recipe has got to be tarragon chicken. It is all the fun of chicken with that extra something!!!
My fav drink ahs got to be water, boring but healthy!!!
My fav food is a tough one between bagels and crumpets, though all fruit is good except grapefruit, which completly spoils fruit salads!!!
I've recently decided that my favorite food is wheat toast with butter.
Food? ramen

Drink? water or tea

Restaurant? none

Recipe? ginger snaps

Cookware? spatulla

TV cooking show? none

Chef? none
Food? to many to choose from crying

Drink? ice tea razz

Restaurant? none

Recipe? i cant cook crying

Cookware? microwave? mad

TV cooking show? none

Chef? none
* Food?
Cheesecake, Apple Pie, Bread, Homemade Mac n Cheese, Smoked Chicken, Corn on the Cob.
* Drink?
1% milk. <3 milk!
* Restaurant?
Olive Garden
* Recipe?
Apple Pizza (no cheese)
* Cookware?
Hmm. Apple peeler/corer/slicer. Very handy.
* TV cooking show?
Iron Chef, if that counts
* Chef?
* Food?-- Anything Italian
* Drink?-- Hand me some Root Beer
* Restaurant? Outback
* Recipe? Hot Tamales
* Cookware? Pan
* TV cooking show? Throwdown with Bobby Flay
* Chef? Emeril
I have a friend whose favorite food is ice. Followed by Cream of wheat.
zero of spades
I heart pocky!!!!

i love pockys too my favorit tipe is strabarrys with chunks whats yours?
I love my moms cabbage rolls *licks lips*

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