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Are there any weird combinations that most people would think is gross, that you just happen to like?

There's this anime called Gintama, and there is a character named Hijikata who is obsessed with mayonnaise and puts it on EVERYTHING. He's most commonly seen with a bowl of rice with a HUGE pile of mayo on top.

I googled "mayonnaise on rice" and I got either stuff related to Gintama or posts about how disgusting it is.

And well... I actually tried mayonnaise on rice. Of course, it was just a few little globs, not a gigantic swirly pile like Hijikata likes it, but I actually thought it tasted pretty good.

So what are some weird combinations you ended up liking?
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Mayo is a common condiment in Japan. I used to put it on my pizza.

Then, growing up, my dad and I always ate torn up pieces of bread with peanut butter and syrup.

And dare I say it...... I'd like to try fish sticks and custard one of these days. razz
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Mayo is a common condiment in Japan. I used to put it on my pizza.

Yeah, though I know Japanese mayonnaise is very different from American mayonnaise. I used American mayonnaise. XD
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A lot of people think it's weird that I like fries dipped in milkshakes.

Also, Cap'n Crunch sandwiches.

Macaroni and cheese on my burgers

Tried fishsticks and custard, actually loved it.

I salt my chocolate Easter bunnies. >.>
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Mayo on fries is good. (but it's not that weird I guess. I've heard outside of North America, Mayo is a really common condiment for fries.)

Jam and cheddar/marble cheese on toast.

Sour cream and....uhh almost everything.
Kimchi and ketchup lmao
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I occasionally eat my rice drenched in Worcestershire sauce. Just plain white rice, a little bit of butter, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Worcestershire sauce.
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I like popcorn with hot sauce. I even tried a new sandwich like food with red hots and bacon. Ermm I don't really go outside the box too much, but I have tried hot sauce on fish, that didn't work though xp
I love mayo on toasties. You know, those toast with molten gouda cheese and ham.
And I like to dip my fries in the hash inside croquettes.
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I put maple syrup on my scrambled eggs and hashbrowns. Most people find that weird.
pancake syrup & sausage.
like no srsly, I don't need pancakes. I'll dip the sausage into syrup. D; I do this a lot at breakfast places and they act like I'm crazy when I ask for the syrup. (the ones I go to, you only get syrup without requesting it with things like french toast & pancakes.)

I've also been looked at weird for liking bbq & ranch mixed together. sad
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Peanut butter& Banana & cherrio or honeycomb sandwichs.

Fries dipped in milkshakes = gaia_angelleft emotion_kirakira gaia_angelright
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Mashed potato and gravy sandwiches. I don't think it's a really weird combination, but people always think it's weird when I eat them. Which is after a holiday or something, not an every day food.

I like to dip cheddar sun chips in spicy tuna fish. Is that weird?
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If I have some Gringo Bandito laying around (particular kind of hot sauce), I'll add it to my mac and cheese.

Also, I discovered that some really good balsamic vinaigrette goes well on pizza, especially if you dip the crust in it afterwards.
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I like to eat salad with rice blaugh
other weird combination that I find it works:
Udon and pesto,, Ice cream and french fries,, Banana and chicken 4laugh

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