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Personally I think it taste like piss water. emotion_puke
emotion_facepalm The green one tastes amazing.
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There was some big promotion here where the company was handing out bottles...

I thought it was disgusting. I think I had the green one.
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Apocalyptic Fatcat

The lo-carb and the absolute zero are the ones I drink. Albertsons also has a cheap energy drink that's not half bad if I don't want to spend the money on monster.
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I like them personally.
Lately they give my stomach pains when I drink them, plus they make you piss not even 10 minutes after drinking them.
My thoughts?

I do not want energy drinks in my system. gonk
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My thoughts?

I do not want energy drinks in my system. gonk

" This ^ + I don't feel like having heart problems today or in the future <3 "
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Most energy drinks suck. Monster is the one that sucks the most.
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It's far too sweet. Reminds me of liquid candy.

Flavour is s**t.

Frank's Lime is pretty damned good, though.
I like Monster Rehab.
Tastes like Lemonade and Tea
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The only reason I drink it is because it helps me pull all nighters. Coffee doesn't cut it for me.
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I like to get the cans of Monster Heavy Metal.
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I first tried Monster when it first came out, when there was only one flavour. I thought it tasted like... have you ever eaten those Soda Fizz candies? It tasted like the insides of those candies, only liquefied. It was disgusting and I've never tried another Monster product since, even with all the new flavours.

I haven't had an energy drink in a really long time, actually.
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Original Lunatic

Yuck. No.

Full Throttle Citrus all the way, though. I can't get through work without one and I love the taste.

Plus it's one of the very few energy drinks made without sucralose/splenda. I used to drink a lot of the grape NOS, but even the not sugar-free ones have sucralose in it now (they used to not include sucralose). Everything has goddamn sucralose! It makes me so sick and gives me the worst migraines.

Even the original Monster flavor now includes sucralose. I couldn't drink it even if it didn't taste like candy sludge.

used to love it. like liquid gummies. but it made my teeth hurt. lmao too much sugar or something. i don't like it anymore.

personally....i do the dew.

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