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Progresso New England Clam Chowder, I've had other brands and few homemade, but I don't like it as much as Progresso.
Closely followed by Campbell's Tomato Soup with a little bit of cheese and lots of crackers.
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My favorite kind of soup is potato cheese soup, but I can only get it at a restraunt sadly.
I love eating soup! My favorite kinds are currently egg drop, crab bisque and broccoli cheddar.
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Cheesy Meatball soup! Its sooooooo good heart
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yum_salmon I do love a good thick beef stew or a nice pot of homade chicken and dumplings soup or chicken noodle soup. I also like alot of wild rice, pork, beef, and egg in my ramen. I do enjoy a hardey curry styled gumbo as well, oh yumm!!! Making my mouth water
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Good homemade chicken soup!

I made some today actually! xD

My housemates and I are all ill with colds, so I went out and bought some fresh ingredients and spent the afternoon making a delicious chicken soup to help everyone feel better. ^w^

Well, it had lots of veggies in too so, I guess it was chicken and vegetable really... and to tell the truth I allowed a lot of the water to boil out so it was quite thick... but it was still delicious! heart heart
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Soups are so easy to cook. I make them all the time.

I like rabbit stew, beef stew, creamy potato soup, vegetable soup, beef and barley, chowders, any sort of bisque (strawberry is probably my favorite, or pumpkin).
Seafood soup is delicious emotion_yatta
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Ramen. emotion_donotwant

To be frank, I hate tomato soup unless it's used as a dip for Grilled cheese.
Cream of potato and mushroom are alright.
Never broccoli.
It always comes back to chicken noodle soup.
In winter I like to make a thick mushroom and barley stew, that has biscuits baked on top it's amazing.

Also my mom's potato soup.
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butternut squash, minestrone, vegan sunny chowder, vegetable stew, Korean jjigae, miso soup
My mom makes a really great celery root soup. But I haven't had it in a while. I also enjoy clam chowder and vegetable soup. Having soup or stew on a chilly night is the best.
chicken noodle soup....

1 part chicken broth
1 part chicken
1 part noodle
9374 parts salt

i think i got that right.
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I've never had a bad bowl of hot and sour soup, and I love the taste of it.

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