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i want something warm to eat. like roasted potato with melted butter and cheese....something easy to make and edible xp
I'm hella craving some KFC popcorn chicken.

[EDIT]And now I'm craving green tea pocky too. [/EDIT]
I could really go for a big slice of pizza with extra cheese.

Or a bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese, now that I think of it.
The slice of pizza sounds heavenly.

Maybe a shish meal too. biggrin

don't know why but thats just what I want
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Chicken McNuggets, Sushi, Fried Rice or any Chinese dish.

i've got a stomach virus and everything that goes down comes right back up. D:

my mom's pretty much forcing me to live off of applesauce and water.
Right now im craving for:
Dairymilk chocolate
mashed potatoes w/ jack daniels sauce from t.g.i.fridays orrrr potato salad.
Hmmmmm..a banana and strawberry smothie.
Popcorn chicken from somewhere... sonic

Photos Sandwiches (chicago)

Ny style pizza
StL style pizza (IMOS)

Another Monster Energy drink.
A margarita
Brownie mix. Not acutally brownies, but the ooey-gooey mix. Mmmm.

Wendy's. Mmmm, nuggets.

Thin-crust, greasy, extra-cheese pizza.

Chick-fil-A....their chicken is the BEST.


Why am I craving so much grease? o_O There's gotta be some kind of subconscious thing behind it.
Italian noodles. I hate Italian dressing, I just want it so bad right now.
Lucky Charms.
I know. Not nutritious. But definitly delicious. cool

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