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Have any of your recently bought some M&M's? I just got some peanut ones... and, they taste funny. I can't quite put my finger on it though. Has this happened to you guys, or is it just a bad batch?
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IMO, peanut butter candies rarely if ever taste like real peanut butter...::stares at Reeses Pieces::
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I never buy peanut M&Ms because often you'll find bad peanuts inside and they taste nasty. It kind of ruins the whole bag when you run into an icky one.

PeanutBUTTER M&Ms though. Oh my GOD. I could eat those forever. When I first discovered them, I'd eat a large bag over just a couple days at work. I gained so much weight just because of those. gonk
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I never knew they had Peanut butter M&N"s till about a year ago it doesn't...taste like peanut butter so I didn't really like them lol

I don't like M&N's peanut ...

I'm more of a sour candy person..
Funny story-

Are they, like, Halloween coloured ones? If so, they taste different because the are a new batch. M&M's have a shelf life of one year before they are bought by the consumer on average.

My mum and I one year called the company about our batch of M&M's that tasted different and they said the chocolate ferments, so that is the flavour of M&M's as we know it. The newer batches that they make specificaly for holidays are not fermented, thus taste different.

I don't really like the peanut butter ones though peanut butter is one of my favourite foodstuffs.

Best of luck!
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I always found that they taste strange. I really do love chocolate but I have barely ever had a craving for these..
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I haven't had peanut M&M's for a long time. What was it that tasted so weird about it?

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