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How do you escape from boredom?

Read a good book 0.30742455791404 30.7% [ 19784 ]
Play with your cute furry pet 0.16378158311838 16.4% [ 10540 ]
Hangout with Friends at the mall 0.19392733940392 19.4% [ 12480 ]
Seek adventure in the great outdoors 0.17565341703701 17.6% [ 11304 ]
Other-- post about it here! 0.15921310252665 15.9% [ 10246 ]
Total Votes:[ 64354 ]
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Other : I like to play video games (mostly rpgs). I also like to draw, especially anime characters, sometimes even my own =)
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I watch TV, go to the Internet, or read a book to fight boredom.
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I like reading but I also watch TV and turn on the computer to fight boredom.
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This thread seems to be off topic. It has nothing to do with food and drink.
I call my friends when I'm bored heart
My choice was others. I do different things depending on the mood I am in. I watch movies, draw, play video games, come on (here) mess around on facebook, my phone. Go to the store, think about stuff that I have to do...even though that last one can be boring too, haha.
Trading card games, a handful of video games, cartooning, thinking, etc.
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i play gaia and a few other games to keep me busy...
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Ruthless Smoker

used to climb mountains and get paid for doing it. lol
used to mtb.
used to join marathons.
used to travel alot. i mean alot xp

and now i spend my past time in gaia. looting rofl

i miss my old life crying
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when I get bored i like to pack a small satchel and go on a hike to write/draw/read in the little forrest area by me. It's nice to get away from city life for a while and just draw what you see. heart
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Run in circles and if i get tired of those run in squares and after that i do triangles. WARNING: EVEN I HAVE NOT ACTUALLY DONE THIS SO DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.
I escape boredom through music or drawing, creating poster, stipple artwork, reading and surfing the web.
Its either read or eat. dramallama
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Sleep or internet usually. neutral
Occasionally I sew, draw, paint, design, make patterns, work out, do interesting designs on my nails or primp.
Regularly I clean, cook, find new recipes, sex, ect.

Wish I could beat boredom right now.
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I'm riding bmx. That's something I've done for like 1-2 months now, where I finally got my own bike in December 2011.

I found interest in the bmx culture since the beginning of 2011. I learnt all the basics when it came to the different disciplines. And I got to know the different bike parts, and also got welcomed into their community, when I was dating a local bmx rider. Since then the interest has grown and still keeps growing!

When I ride my bike the time just flies away. I feel I'm able to think outside the box and do things people wouldn't normally do when they're riding their bikes.

So... Besides hanging out with friends and my boyfriend, this is my preferred cure for boredom!

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