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How do you escape from boredom?

Read a good book 0.30743883863347 30.7% [ 19780 ]
Play with your cute furry pet 0.16377568466536 16.4% [ 10537 ]
Hangout with Friends at the mall 0.19396002362523 19.4% [ 12479 ]
Seek adventure in the great outdoors 0.17565047095029 17.6% [ 11301 ]
Other-- post about it here! 0.15917498212565 15.9% [ 10241 ]
Total Votes:[ 64338 ]
all i pretty much do nowadays to bet boredom is either 1) stare off into space and think about the future and the past and eventually that leads to sleep....... nvm that one... anyway 1) i sit down, plug my ipod into the stereo system , crank it on blast and rock out. 2) sit down with my guitar with a pick in hand, strum away on chords and jam out. 2) txt my friends and make fun of their boredom. 3) go over to my friends house and bug him. 4) more cowbell. 5) get on gaia.
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Well I either listen to music, read, or draw. But sometimes I do hang out at the mall with my best friend
i would go online or take a nap razz
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I do enjoyable activities.
I go to sleep!
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Headmaster Zefron
pygmy princess
Headmaster Zefron
pygmy princess
Headmaster Zefron

Yes there was a ginger on that show his name was Arnold or Arnie as everyone called him..
How do i still remember this s**t

It's because you valued your childhood. razz I know I do. As I get further and further into college, I miss it more and more.

I'm delaying college as much as possible. Though I'll be doing Tech college so it won't be to bad.
Only two years

College is fuuuuuun. Kind of. It's so much freakin' work. And stress. This only my second semester, thank god it's almost over. It's driven me to breakdowns already. It doesn't help that I'm a science major. >.<

My degree will be much easier.
Graphic Design!

Luckyyyyy. My school is actually (well, supposedly) one of the best for art majors. And education. We have an alum who worked on Star Wars! (win). I hear art programs are rough though. My friend is a ceramics major and she's always in studios and stuff. Plus, she goes through critiques, which are brutal.
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Read. biggrin
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I love foing on adventures, completing quests, raising a rebelion to overthrow a tyranical ruler, messin' about with my dog, weaving spells, honing my combat skills, stuff like that.
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Drawing or hanging around the computer playing online games. or play my new video games
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I mostly read books
the internet or mainly just gaia
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um.. watching family guy will do smile
Reading Books!!! =D =D
i rly like fanata!!!!

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