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How do you escape from boredom?

Read a good book 0.30747233619296 30.7% [ 19784 ]
Play with your cute furry pet 0.16377595424593 16.4% [ 10538 ]
Hangout with Friends at the mall 0.19394193708815 19.4% [ 12479 ]
Seek adventure in the great outdoors 0.17564963322143 17.6% [ 11302 ]
Other-- post about it here! 0.15916013925152 15.9% [ 10241 ]
Total Votes:[ 64344 ]
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We all get bored sometimes. Well, except those of us who live fabulous lives of excitement, romance and adventure. We're fine. But MOST people get bored sometimes, and everyone has a different way of dealing with the mundane. How about you? What's your preferred cure for boredom?

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my choice is others... i escape boredom sometimes when i play guitar or somitmes do some prankings... ^.^
CleoSombra's avatar

Quotable Lunatic

I play zOMG! when I get bored. ;D
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Versatile Lunatic

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The video isn't working.
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Greedy Fatcat

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go on gaya duh.
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Gosh !! FINALLY the first page of a forum page. I'm #6 !!
And Fanta isn't all that bad either. Very


Oh.... btw, the video breaks up, and skips. Couldn't view it. scream

.... And when I'm bored, I go onto Gaia and play either in the towns, read the forums or dress up my avi. And then I do that even when I'm not bored. hehe

(Um.... now the video works.... Thanks for the great sunglasses !!!!!!)
I like drawing when bored O3O
G U R O O's avatar

Lonely Fatcat

I draw avatar art
when I'm bored c:
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Gracious Genius

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Either draw, or usually find something to do but end up wallowing in boredom.
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I escape boredom by coming up with new ideas for me to write about! whee

mrgreen ninja ninja rofl dramallama dramallama dramallama wahmbulance wahmbulance
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drawing mostly.

lols all of the poll options and video games and card games

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