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pumpkin spice latte 0.25 25.0% [ 4 ]
salted caramel mocha 0.4375 43.8% [ 7 ]
chai 0.3125 31.2% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 16 ]
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what's the best type of alcohol to put in eggnog? :3
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I agree with Brandy, but a good spiced rum works very well too. You want a liquor with a natural spice and pleasing flavor to it. If you know how eggnog tastes, then you should be able to find a nice complement. Right now, I'm thinking Specifically Bacardi Oakheart.
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My friend drinks eggnog with Bailey's and Kahlua.
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I like dark rum in mine.

Cream liqueurs are good too.
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I will post some eggnog recipes in a bit. Best from scratch.
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grey goose
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I prefer rum, usually dark or spiced.

It was very hard for me to choose an option in your poll, btw. They're all so yummy.
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i just buy it premade from a brand called Pennsylvania Dutch. it's excellent.
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I promised that I would and here they are

Baltimore Egg Nogg

For a party of 15

Take the yellow of 16 eggs and 12 tablespoons of pulverized loaf sugar (3-4 oz superfine sugar), and beat them tot he consistency of cream; to this add 2/3rds of a nutmeg grated, and beat well together; then mix half a pint of good brandy or Jamaica rum, and 2 wine glasses (or 4 ozs) of Madeira wine. Have ready the whites of the eggs, beaten to a stiff froth and beat them into the above-described mixture. When this is all done, stir in 6 pints of good rich milk. There is no heat used.

Source: Jerry Thomas, 1862

Notes on the ingredients: in the 1887 edition of Thomas's book, suggests correctly, that 10 eggs are enough; in any case, they should be "large" not "jumbo". In IMBIBE, David Wonderich suggests to split the difference, going with 5 oz of cognac and 3 oz of rum.

Egg Nogg

The individual version

(U S E A L A R G E B A R - G L A S S)

1 table-spoonful of fine white sugar, dissolved with;

1table-spoonful cold water

1 egg

1 wine glass (2 oz) of Cognac Brandy

1/2 wine glass (1 oz) Santa Cruz rum

1/3 tumbler full of milk

Fill the tumbler 1/4 full with shaved ice, shake the ingredients until they are thoroughly mixed together, and grate a little nutmeg on top.

Notes on ingredients: For Thomas's SHERRY EGG NOG, replace the cognac and rum with two wine glasses of oloroso sherry and use only the yolk of the egg. Then "quaff the nectar cup"

Notes on the Execution: this is the only drink in Thomas's book that explicitly calls for the use of the "cocktail shaker"
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So basically anything that doesn't curdle milk, so no whiskey or something like that.
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