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What If Was you!?

you facing your favorite charater or enemy in Dissidia.

what you say to them?

here's my personal fav:

to Sephiroth: OH NO...it's Mama's boy!

to Kefka: YOU DESTROYED LEO!! get ready for a BEATING!!

to Onion Knight (or luneth): You are Brat! you need a time out!
I'd probably get slaughtered before I could say anything at all. emotion_donotwant
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DynaSuarez Wrecks
I'd probably get slaughtered before I could say anything at all. emotion_donotwant
I know I mean quotes that you will say to your favorite character or an enemy

Like this video:
To Warrior of Light: Shine your light at it's brightest, so I can snuff it out!
To Leon: Nice weapon, but it doesn't help your odds at all!
Warrior of Light- "How much time will you spend behind that shield?"

Garland- "My what big eyes you have..."

Ferion- "A jack of all trades, but a master of nothing."

Emperor- "You shouldn't be allowed to rule an ant farm!"

Onion Knight- "How much of a handicap would you like?"

Cloud of Darkness- "Why do I always attract the creepy girls?"

Cecil- "Paladin, Dark Knight, it won't matter in the end."

Kain- "Did Chris Cross make you 'jump jump'?"

Golbez- "Before we start, please say, 'Luke, I am your father!'"

Bartz- "You can never copy my experience."

Exdeath- "... I'm waiting"

Gilgamesh- "Oh boy Kabuki Theater!"

Terra- "I hate getting into fights with pretty ladies."

Kefka- "A homicidal clown, haven't seen that before."

Cloud- "You're gonna need a bigger sword."

Tifa- "How about we skip the match and go back to your bar?"

Sephiroth- "I wonder if you can live up to the hype and expectations?"

Squall- "Will having a little personality kill ya? Smile, frown, DO SOMETHING!"

Laguna- "Nobody told me this was a gun fight!"

Ultimecia- "Good God who does your hair!?"

Zidane- "Valuables, valuables... nope nothing worth stealing here."

Kuja- "Wardrobe malfunction WARDROBE MALFUNCTION!!"

Tidus- "Yeah, your story won't have a happy ending."

Yuna- "Promise me you won't sing."

Jecht- "I've been looking for a new drinking buddy, interested?"

Shantotto- "... I'm screwed aren't I?"

Prishe- "Isn't there a tree somewhere you should be hugging?"

Vaan- "Good luck... you're gonna need it."

Gabranth- "look your honor I paid those parking tickets on Tuesday!"

Lightning- "I don't think your weapon is complex enough."

Feral Chaos- "Hello there Big, Ugly and Stinky!"

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I guess it would depends on who I am as a fighter. o~o'
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Warrior of Light: Is there any point in light or darkness?
Garland: You're nothing but a failure.

Firion: A rose? Thats all your fighting for?
Emperor: You're not worthy of the title 'Emperor'.

Onion Knight: Luneth was better than you.
Cloud of Darkness: Return to the Void, pathetic demon!

Cecil: I understand your pain...
Kain: To be posessed so many times...pathetic.
Golbez: Why are you fighting for Chaos if you care for your brother?

Bartz: Quit copying me!
Exdeath: Another lecturing about the Void...
Gilgamesh: Why hide your six arms?

Terra: Stop hiding and fight!
Kefka: Pathetic clown. Stand aside.

Cloud: You're too overrated...
Tifa: No weapon? This could be fun...
Sephiroth: For Aeris...I'll kill you!

Squall: Squall? I prefer Leon.
Laguna: Guns are for cowards.
Ultimecia: A witch of time? No problem.

Zidane: Back off, you thief.
Kuja: Change your outfit!

Tidus: Get lost, Bubble Boy.
Yuna: Aeons huh?
Jecht: Why carry a sword if your not gonna use it?

Shantotto: Stop rhyming, you annoying pest!
Prishe: Stop complaining about food!

Vaan: Air Pirates are sucky, you know.
Gabranth: A pathetic judge...

Lightning: All right...I can finally fight you.

Chaos: About time. Give me my pay now.
Feral Chaos: Pathetic demon, get out of my face!
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Cloud: "You know what they say, the bigger the weapon..."

Lightning: "Your personality is hardly shocking."
Warrior of Light: Are you scared of the dark ?
Garland: I thought that you were Chaos ?

Firion: So.. do you love Lightning ? That's really cute !
Emperor: You're ...voice is sort of... attractive....

Onion Knight: I can't stand kids...
Cloud of Darkness: I understand why you hate him so much....

Cecil: Boy or Girl ....?
Kain: Want a date !?
Golbez: Why don't you join the good side ?

Bartz: Weren't you scared of heights or did you forget ?
Exdeath: .... go away creep.....
Gilgamesh: .... creep....

Terra: Celes should be here instead of you !
Kefka: What a "Joker " ! emotion_awesome

Cloud: Lets Mosey ! emotion_awesome
Tifa: I can't fight you ! You're one of my role models ahhh !
Sephiroth : I'll ask you the same question I asked Cecil...

Squall: Do you miss her ?
Laguna: So many girly boys around here. Gheez.
Ultimecia: What Kappend to kour krazy kccent khat ku kad ?

Zidane: You're not alone... remember that....
Kuja: Zidane is your brother... so why...?

Tidus: Too much caffeine drinks for you boy....
Yuna: Summoning isn't that cheating ?
Jecht: You're such a jerk towards your son. Eat dust...

Shantotto: I want to squash you like a bug...
Prishe: A Elf ? Is it Christmas time already ?

Vaan: Have you seen the movie Treasure Planet ??
Gabranth: Lol.... I call you Judge Judy....

Lightning: Hello Mrs Cloud with boobies, how are you today ?

Chaos: ... I'm not pissing my pants with fear....
Feral Chaos: ... Yup, pissing my pants....
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WoL: Let's see just how bright that light is!
Garland: You've got a big weapon, so what?

Firion: You don't need a dozen weapons to win, you know!
Emperor: Emperor of what, exactly? 'Cuz I can make it "nothing".

Onion Knight: I wonder if that sword will break as quickly as your spine?
Cloud of Darkness: On no, lasers! My only weakness! Just kidding.

Cecil: Think I could meet your brother some time?
Golbez: You have the best attacks, you know that?
Kain: I wish I could use Jump, too.

Bartz: You'd better not copy my moves, 'kay?
Exdeath: Have fun hiding behind those magic guards of yours.
Gilgamesh: If I win, I'm taking Excalibur!

Terra: Don't push it, 'kay? Don't need anyone killing themselves here.
Kefka: Fight like a savage, as though you aren't already one...

Cloud: You can't hit me with something so slow!
Sephiroth: I'll kill you like you killed Aerith!
Tifa: Alright, girl! Ultimate brofist time!

Squall: You are beyond boring.
Ultimecia: A friend of mine can also control time... Wanna fight him instead?
Laguna: Guns are boring unless you rock them right.

Zidane: You should be fun to fight. Let's do it!
Kuja: What's with you, you look like a lady!

Tidus: Cool sword. I'll be taking that when I knock you out!
Jecht: Show me that final form of yours, huh?
Yuna: Can you summon Carbuncle? No?

Shantotto: I'm going to punt you like a little goblin!
Prishe: I will do my best not to break that pretty face of yours!

Vaan: You're just the same as Bartz and Firion...
Gabranth: You're gonna need that helmet of yours.

Lightning: Could you have a more annoying weapon?

Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy
Feral Chaos: I'll shove this staff right through you!

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