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Final Fantasy?

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Final Fantasy XIII was my first, but it got boring for me after Disc Two. The characters got boring, the story got predicable, and the battles got monotonous. My friends told me it would be hard, too. Not really. I just grind a little and bash their faces in. pirate

I much preferred Dissidia when I got it. The battles were faster-paced, and required just enough tactics and planning to make it challenging here and there. I disliked the party-system, and moving around. I later got Duodecim and loved it. There was a lot more to do and unlock, plus they fixed the party system and added a Labyrinth Mode, which is now all I spend my time in. I liked Cycle 000, where I can just make a party of as many characters as I want. It is great. heart

I also have the PSP version on Final Fantasy I, which I find a nice little challenge to play without using a guide. I've gotten about half-way using a team of only Red Mages, for reasons. cool

I have tried Kingdom Hearts and hated it. Boring and predictable story-line.The battles were just bland, to be honest. The controls were sluggish, and I didn't like the notion of the Disney label. To me people like it just for the label a lot. I understand if you enjoy it for other reasons, don't get me wrong, I just didn't like it myself. I couldn't get into them at all. neutral

And that is my Final Fantasy history. 3nodding

My favorite character is, by far, Cecil. I hope to purchase Final Fantasy IV on the PSP. 4laugh

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My first Final Fantasy was VII. My friend had it and we played through the Midgar section together, at which point he got bored of it, but I decided to go and buy my own.
I managed to get up to Nibelmhiem and get my a** handed to me by Materia Keeper, at which point I too gave up. I was about 12.
Not long after I saw a demo or trailer for VIII and decided to buy that, fell in love with the game and beat it several times. Only then did I go back to VII and complete that too.
I bought IX after reading all about it in a Playstation Magazine, the first Final Fantasy I bought as soon as it was released, and again I loved it.
By this point the obsession was growing and I begged my brother to let me use his PS2 when X was released. He didn't have any memory cards, so I just played the first couple hours of it over and over until I got my own PS2 and memory card.
Then I got my own computer, and began to delve into online forums and download emulator copies of IV, V and VI.
X-2 came after that, then I and II, XII. I even bought a DS purely for III but I ended up hating that game so friggin much, the only Final Fantasy I can't stand, dull plot, dull characters, awful battle system.
Bought a PS3 purely for XIII, bout a PSP purely for Crisis Core, but also got Dissidia out of it, Tactics WotL, and then Duodecim, followed by the anniversary editions of I and II.

And here we are, today I mainly replay VIII and IX and Duodecim, and watch videos of Lightning Returns because I can't bring myself to actual spend money on it, I mean I have a friggin Mortgage now!

The only games I haven't played and probably never will are: IV: the after years, XI, XIV, the crystal chronicles series and the rest of the XIII trilogy. Oh and any of the other games I haven't followed at all like Theatrythm or Bravely Default, because I'm so out of the loop these days.
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The first final fantasy I had ever seen / played was VII however VIII was what actually got me into Final fantasy. I started when I was 10 years old playing VII my older sister got it for her birthday and then a bit later on got VIII and she couldn't manage to kill the final boss. I said let me try! and managed to do it never had even played the game before and beat her in one try. She then later let me play it and I enjoyed it like crazy! I replayed it over and over again, I got all the cards did 100% with out using a guide although it was in a less easy way as the guides do it.. so it took me a lot longer than it should have but it was a lot of fun. I also felt I could relate to squall in some ways as well which made me fall in love with the game.

I also really loved X later on when it came out for PS2 played that a crap load as well! ^^ but VIII will always be my most played / favorite.

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