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Final Fantasy?

YAY! 0.48351648351648 48.4% [ 44 ]
MY FAVORITE! 0.46153846153846 46.2% [ 42 ]
Meh. 0.010989010989011 1.1% [ 1 ]
... 0.043956043956044 4.4% [ 4 ]
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The first one that I can remember was FF:VIII. I watched my Grandmother play it because she was/is a big gamer and used to play the FF series. The first one I played myself and beat though was FF:X and I cried tears of relief at finally beating it and at being so freaking angry at the ending. Rest of the series followed, except for the newest games. Not my thing. And then the extreme obsession with Kingdom Hearts... best of both worlds.
my first final fantasy was VIII. and it will always beat VII no matter what critic denies it. it was the revolutionaire. before the beginning of the next century and the next millenium, the crew made the best graphics for the playstation (not to mention rinoa is the HOTTEST woman in the ff series). the storyline is even discussed to this day of the contraversy between rinoa and ultemicias link together, and the junction system was pretty unique. the very first time i played through i thought i could snowball the game with GFs and squall equipped with all, but fighting ultimecia the first time around (frustrating as s**t) made me realize i did somethin wrong, and had to start over, but lookin up what i did wrong, and figuring out you junction gfs evenly, aaaand you have to draw out the GFs out of other bosses (eden, you broke ff laws even before ffX), so defeating her with lionheart felt so epic in the end. not to mention that its not a wishy washy love story; squall didnt like rinoa much and vice versa, and you can see squalls progress in wanting rinoa, to the last moment seeing them kiss FOR THE FIRST TIME in the entire game, making me think 'now thats a ******** ending to a badass game'. oh, and i love rinoa in Dead Fantasy II. yes. burning_eyes
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Wow, so many FFVIII's, I didn't start that one 'til recently. Not sure what to think of it yet.
The magic system is quite different and I only like half of the characters at the moment.
Really curious about the shared dreams though.

My first one was FFVII. I was still a kid, wasn't all that great in English (foreigner alert!) and did not get parts of the story.
It was one of my first two RPG's, but as the beginning was 'less colorful' and 'more serious' I started a different game first.
After a re-play through nostalgia and finally understanding English it kind of grew on me.
I love how it incorporates technology and reactors as an important part in a setting with fantasy/magic.
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My first Final Fantasy is the VII
Now I'm waiting for SE to do a HD remix of it wink
I'm told Bravely Default counts even with the different cover name. It's currently the only Final Fantasy[-esque] game that I've played, but I enjoyed it a lot, even the repetitive content. Definitely excited for Bravely Second . . . .
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my first Final Fantasy was either FFX or FFVII. gotta love Kingdom Hearts for getting me into that cat_xd
FF 3 (U.S. version of FF 6), SNES
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My first was FF IX, and to this day it's still my favorite ;w; (although FF IV is a close second)
One day I'd like it to go on Steam like III, VII, and VIII so I can relive the memories.
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We were out shopping one day, I was somewhere between 6-8 years old, when my oldest sister spotted a pretty girl on a guidebook cover (Rinoa).
We ended up buying the game (and the guide XD) that day, it was FFVIII.
We hadn't the slightest clue how to junction properly, or how to truly play the game, but we struggled through, and my sisters and I were all completely enthralled by it.
Some of my happiest childhood memories are the hours spent curled up on the couch with my sisters as we took turns playing the game.
I've since beat FVII-X-2 (X-2 was kinda the nail in the coffin for me)
Final fantasy was just a chance occurrence, and it ended up taking root in my friggin' soul. eek

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Final fantasy VIII (at the time i didnt know what i was playing and didnt know how to speak english so dropped it after the first 5 minutes). 5 years later, picked up Final fantasy VII.

Thats where it all went wrong and i spiraled down this road that i can never turn back from.
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Mine was X. Way back in 2002 when I was 12. :3
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Mine was either VI or VII cant remember for sure. I know I purchased VII before VI, but I think VI was the first one I played when a friend brought over her copy.

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