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Final Fantasy?

YAY! 0.50406504065041 50.4% [ 62 ]
MY FAVORITE! 0.43089430894309 43.1% [ 53 ]
Meh. 0.024390243902439 2.4% [ 3 ]
... 0.040650406504065 4.1% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 123 ]
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My first was was Final Fantasy 7(my favorite so far to)
My secovd favorite is X its actually kind of a tie between the to
Final Fantasy VII was the first I played, but at first I didn't like it much because I have never played an rpg before (let alone one that was turn based). I played for about an hour or so and then gave up, then about a month later my brother bought Final Fantasy Tactics. Tactics was the Final Fantasy that got me into the franchise, that was about nine years ago. I still like Final Fantasy to this day, and oddly enough my favorite Final Fantasy is VII and has been for about seven years.
FFVIII. Melon's Daddy bought her a PS for him to play on it. And that's the game he got Melon.

Though Melon's played, 5,6,8,9,10,10-2,11. She wants to find 1,2,3,4 & 7. To play. =]]
My first one I played, was Final Fantasy VII sweatdrop I was like seven. And I'm 14 now. So, when I played it, I thought the Scorpian at the beginning was the hardest thing in the world.

The first OWNED one was Final Fantasy IX :3 Which was THE BEST Final Fantasy ever.
my first was FF 1, for NES =)
FF VII, played it like 4 years ago because my cousin drew pics of the charas and i fell in love with Seph...corse then i didnt know he was being controled by a...... it?... heh now im obsessed with the game....
I played ff7 first...Well, I watched it before i played it. I was at a birthday party and i was WAY too young to be playing such an older kids game razz We named all the people "Bad words" and to the very day i still call barret " ********" And Aeris "Shitina"
my first final fantasy was FF 9
that will always be my favorite Zidane and Vivi are awesome heart
THEY PWN!!!! domokun
The first FF game I played was FFX. 3nodding
my first was FF 1, for NES =)

Me too. It was the first game we ever owned for our NES. That's not including Super Mario Bros. 3 that came with the system.
Final Fantasy VII. The only RPG that I had played before that was Pokemon Red, and when I played FFVII, it opened up a whole new world for me, and I don't think any FF game will ever, or has beaten it. >.>
Ah yes, the legend of how I got into Final Fantasy. *starts up the slide show*

About eight years ago, my favorite game of all time was The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. My best friend at the time wouldn't shut up about how great Final Fantasy VII was in comparison. I was still playing an SNES, I guess I was a loser. Anywhoo. She made a comment: It's like Zelda. I then decided I was to play it. *click on button, next pic shows up*

Christmas time! Dad says "We get playstation so picky a game out of the store for each of you kids!" Me, I walk and see nothing I like. I don't want a sports game or a racing game or a... FINAL FANTASY VII?!! That's when I hit my knees. "Daddy please?!" Dad agreed. *click on button next pic shows up*

I was enthralled in my new game. Got my a** handed to me by the scorpion. Once. Didn't get a memory card for a year and a half but played it everyday... furthest I got was Cosmo Canyon and my butt was hurting at the end of that session! *clicky on button*

When I got my allowance later the next year, I saw something... FINAL FANTASY VIII?!!!! Another one! I bought it, took it home, and fell in love. VIII was easily my favorite because I thought Squall was cute or something... wow, people change... *next pic*

Christmas time that year, I was into FF for three years, and FFIX was coming out! My mom asked me what was the one thing I'd kill for that year, my answer: Final Fantasy IX! So it was bought after scouring the world and three counties... *next pic*

When the PS2 came out and I saw FFX on screen, my heart jumped. OMG. DAAAAAAAAAD, lookit!! Dad was excited for me, but I had to wait TWO MORE years. During those years, I got all the PSX re-releases of I, II, IV, V, and VI, plus both Chrono games... and as they say...

the rest is history.
mine i would hav to say was Final Fantasy 2 it was a great game then i played them in order i toke a break and its been two years since that break now im playin them again and im on ffX
Way back, 16 years ago in 1990, I was a litte snot nosed 4 year old just learning how to read, a game came out called Final Fantasy. I started to play it, and I loved it. The first sentance I recall reading was "I, Garland, will knock you all down."
What was the first final fantasy game that you played?
Mine was Final fantasy X
-and yes I know that there where better FF's but this was before I found out about the good old ones...like FF:VII^^

mine was the mystic quest for the orginal nitendo

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