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Final Fantasy?

YAY! 0.5 50.0% [ 65 ]
MY FAVORITE! 0.42307692307692 42.3% [ 55 ]
Meh. 0.030769230769231 3.1% [ 4 ]
... 0.046153846153846 4.6% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 130 ]
my first final fantasy game was FFVII on the playstation. ahh, the memories.
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FFV, PSX remake.

But I preferred the GBA one more.
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If I look into your eyes
I'm pretty sure mine was Final Fantasy 5 for the Playstation. But by the time I got into Final Fantasy(my older brother was a big fan), we already owned 5-8 so it's really a toss-up, I started playing when I was 7 or 8, so after 10 years it's tough remembering my first.

Currently working on 13 though, it's outrageous and sweet.
And I tell you that you're gorgeous
Final Fantasy VIII .
It was a good wake up call to try IX , then down the list I went, only to try X, and XII .
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My first was FFVII and I started out watching my bro play it when we were around 10 and had just got the first Playstation. I didn't really get into it until I was 14 or so.
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My first was Final Fantasy IV on GBA...Aahhh good times that was, with Cecil the transvestite knight and his brother. I pretty much bought every Final Fantasy game there was after completing it. Now on Final Fantasy 13 and it is sweeeeet biggrin
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For me it was IX... And it was so long ago. And I vaguely remember watching my older brother play VII when it first came out as well.

Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy XIII

...All of them...
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Wow, everyone here mentions PS or GBA generation games. >.>
I can proudly say my first FFs were IV and VI on the SNES (as II and III) when I was only around 5 or 6 years old. They've been my favorite games ever since.
First was Final Fantasy VII. But you know i wish they would take all Final Fantasy Games and the two movies, and make them into a anime series or even live action!
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My first was the FF3 remake for the DS. XD
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I'm pretty sure it was the original Final Fantasy. My older brother gave me his old consol and all of the games that came with it and that was the only one that still worked relativly well. sweatdrop Wow, that makes me feel pretty old and I'm only in my 20's.
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FF9 wink

Such a wonderfull game. I feel so happy to have been a kid of that generation.
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final fantasy four the 1985 nintendo was mine...
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My first was FF VI for the SNES (originaly III) then I played IV (originaly II) Then VII, Tactics, and now I'm working on VIII
(later more)
FFV time!

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