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Final Fantasy?

YAY! 0.50406504065041 50.4% [ 62 ]
MY FAVORITE! 0.43089430894309 43.1% [ 53 ]
Meh. 0.024390243902439 2.4% [ 3 ]
... 0.040650406504065 4.1% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 123 ]
What was the first final fantasy game that you played?
Mine was Final fantasy X
Kingdom hearts was the thing that got me interested in FF and I saw X in the store and was interested in it.
-yes I know that there where better FF's but this was before I found out about the good old ones...like FF:VII^^

Better's an opinion. If you like it, then that's all that matters.

Either way, my first Final Fantasy was VII. My dad brought home a PS1 and this game. He couldn't figure out how to get off the train platform- it was hilarious to watch. He ran back and forth on that thing for nearly 10 minutes before saying, "Whatever. Here." and handing me the controller. I fell in love with the game very quickly, even though I'm not sure if it's my favorite anymore.
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FFX was my first, and I am very faithful.
I've only played a bit of 13 though.
Final Fantasy 8. Knew about FF before anybody else in my class. (lol) Now it's just too popular, and finding it less interesting. FF Tactics, 8 and 12 were my favorites, due to awesome characters, and fun gameplay.
Mine was FFVII but it was only because my brothers friend let me try his. The real first i bought and played was FFIX and was amazing and is still my favorite game of all time.
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First one I played was Final Fantasy VIII
And it's my favorite game even now. xD
my first one was final fantasy seven, and even to this day i still regard it as the best final fantasy that ever came out, this is of course my opinion^^
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FFX was my first.
Though I did watch FFVII:AC which was what kind of got me into the FF series.
( Cloud looked so attractive in it >w<
-shuts up about that before I should like some stupid annoying fangirl- xD )
But I did play Kingdom Hearts around the same time which made me more interested in FF7 which is how I got so into FF7.
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FF6, one of the best out there! (When I was Like 5 or 6) 3nodding
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Final Fantasy VII
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My family wanted me to be a good gamer biggrin ...so i played the original first :3
Innsane Cultist
My family wanted me to be a good gamer biggrin ...so i played the original first :3
FF VII was my first.
Final Fantasy X was my first FF game to play.
I did know about the others, but I figured it was just not my type of game. Then dad got one of those demo discs in the mail and FFX was a quick demo, I fell in love with the graphics and the characters so I bought it when it was released.
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Final Fantasy VIII was my first.
And totally still my favorite. x3
My first was FFX lol I still remember the first time I ever saw it, back when toonami was on tv they did a review of it with a clip of yuna all '..ive done it! I have become a summoner..' i caught yuna fever right there hehe 3nodding

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