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Final Fantasy?

YAY! 0.50406504065041 50.4% [ 62 ]
MY FAVORITE! 0.43089430894309 43.1% [ 53 ]
Meh. 0.024390243902439 2.4% [ 3 ]
... 0.040650406504065 4.1% [ 5 ]
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FF IV(the "easy type" SNES version) was my first.
i played 8. nerly put me off them for good
FFVII was my first one... I don't know why everyone keeps saying that it's only "okay," I still like it the best... I dunno, there's something of a charm to the poor graphics and almost predictable storyline... or maybe I'm just weird. After VII, I started VIII, and then I went on to Tactics on my GBA emulator on my computer... X and X-2 shortly followed that.
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VII was my first... then VIII then IX, then X, then VI, then X-2. I have XI but never played it... or any of the side versions, though I'll probably buy DoC. VII was my 'original' one, the first and best. biggrin
FFVII was my first, I had purchased it when it first came out..as opposed to people now who are buying it as if it's a new, beautiful game.
I moved onto FFT, FFVIII,FFIX and then after that the series went into a hideous decline. A 3 game stride isn't exactly a good thing..but the hype makes up for it I suppose.
FFVII being my first never really made any major changes for me aside from making me want to get the other, following games in the series, but that desire was quickly killed.
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The first FF I played was FF7. At the time we got it, my sister was the gamer in the house but her interests in it were kinda dying so she didn't get far in the game. Then a couple of years later I started playing, and it turned out to be awesome. 3nodding
FFV. I loved that game. >.> All the job possabilities made it awesome. 3nodding
FF IV(the "easy type" SNES version) was my first.

Ditto. 3nodding
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Techincally, my first Final Fantasy game was Tactics, but seeing as I've still yet to beat that, i'd suppose one would say my real first FF game was VII. I remember, I played it mostly over spring break in 9th grade. That was a magical week. Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony, Cosmo Canyon, Chocobo Races and sitting there watching my friend cry as Aeris slumped to the ground, dead. I still wonder about that funeral scene Oo;; ((How did Cloud not fall but Aeris sank, like, 200 feet? Was there some major drop-off?)). There are a lot of things one can say about VII not being the best - and though it isn't my favorite, and it isn't as beautiful as the more recent ones - it was still magical becoming a FF fan through VII. And despite what many may say about the characters being stereotypical, the dialogue and conversations were some of the best.
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You haven't played all the FF's FF7 is not the best I'm tired of people that say it is.

Yeah, guess what, that's you're opinion. If someone wants to say that Final Fantasy VII is the best game, then they have the right to do so, as that would be their opinion. If you don't like this, then you can go shove it.
Techincally, my first Final Fantasy game was Tactics, but seeing as I've still yet to beat that, i'd suppose one would say my real first FF game was VII.
I wouldn't worry about that note. I actually haven't beaten any Final Fantasy game except for VIII (after much bashing of skull against GF Junction configuration) and Tactics Advanced (which was different from Tactics, but I found it much fun).
My first FF was IV, but I didn't appreciate it until after I played VI and actually got into RPGs.
The first FF I played was III for the SNES.. which would be VI

VI is still my favorite.. its actually my favorite game of all time. Gotta love bunches of characters...
FFVII was my first...I know...what a shocker!
Until yesterday i was a FF virgin, and i just bought X-2. Dont understand a bloody thing. xp heart xp

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