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I got owned by a group of black mages. They did so much damage. cool

Anyone beat the game or have a tough time with the game?

was it by any chance....

you (the hero time) was on the middle of a scene you had a bridge or something with black mages on top and you had lots of enemies on the same ground level than you? O_O i could never pass from that batle
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In the original Tactics, I got stuck on Belias. It's one of the few major flaws with that game, despite how good it is otherwise: It often asks you if you'd like to save in the middle of multi-part battles. If you aren't tough enough to beat Round Two, then you're stuck there; restarting the fight immediately after loading your save file, with no way to leave or train your characters. After failing about a dozen times, I eventually had to start a new save file, making Belias the only boss who's ever truly "defeated" me, such that no amount of reloading could ever overcome him. emo

Needless to say, I was better prepared the next time I played the game. Shenanigans like that, though, are why I've played the game *many* more times than I've ever actually beaten it. sweatdrop

I remember that. I had to do the same. Played it on the psp

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