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I think ff6 characters are needed shadow, gau, edgar, sabin and mog
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Gau. Definitely Gau. Firing lasers and launching missiles and scratching the enemy with claws ohgodwhy.

Other than Gau, I'd love Vivi in there. NUKE EVERYTHING
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Seifer, since he should've been in the original
I'd love to see Seifer in the next Dissidia... but what I'd really like to see is Caius.

I also wouldn't mind Snow or Sazh... And the usual: Yuffie, Vincent, Balthier etc.

And I'd reaaally really love it if anyone from Type-0 joined Cosmos. Anyone really. One of the Kunagiri brothers, Rem, Sice, King, I don't care. Even Nine or Queen.
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here are my picks


and this character is not final fantasy related but MOTHER F u C KING KRATOS
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I think Locke Cole from Final Fantasy VI should be in the next Dissidia.

Fun Fact: He was a candidate to be in Dissidia, but they chose Terra instead since she would fit in better since Kefka was in the game.
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6 characters total from each series, 3 heroes 3 villians including the ones that are already in Dissidia.

Greater variety of move sets.

Balance between moves to avoid characters have 1 amazing move that decimates errything

More Alt costumes!

Alt costumes work in story mode/scenes! srsly squenix emotion_donotwant
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Not in Order:

Edgar, Balthier, Fran, Gilgamesh, Auron, Galuf and/or Krile (think about it. another cute kid in Dissidia! whee )
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Because I want someone else from IX and she's the only one that'd really diversify gameplay.
No idea what her EX Mode would be, though.
- Genesis
- Rosso
- Rufus
- Weiss
- Yuffie
- Vincent
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I'm surprised she hasn't been mentioned, at all, but I'd love to see Valvalis/Barbariccia. I don't really dig the "assist" much, and I think all characters should be playable. But, due to the fact that the assist is there, and for a valid reason..! I guess Valvalis would be more of an assist, though I'd prefer to see her playable.


And yes, I realize, she's already a summon. But I don't like that. XD It should be changed.
Garnet and Vivi from FF9.
Both playable C:

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