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Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, or X? Most of these songs are composed by Nobuo Uematsu, but which is the best (in your opinion). [I think this goes here and not in the soundtracks section, since it's specifically Final Fantasy, but if I'm wrong, I suppose it will just be moved.]

Why is it your favorite?

Which song from the soundtrack is your favorite?

My favorite is VII. Because it has the catchiest tunes - including the famous "fanfare." But mostly because it has Sephiroth's theme, "One-Winged Angel," which is my favorite song from the soundtrack.
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Why exclude all the other games? Some may like the older ones or even the newer ones.

I'm currently in the midst of collecting the soundtracks on iTunes, though VII's is going to really hurt my wallet bad (You have to buy every song individually. After all that, the total cost is close to $50, the most expensive Final Fantasy soundtrack on iTunes.)

I really enjoy the Distant Worlds albums which does all the Final Fantasys. I really don't have a favorite soundtrack because I love them all dearly. But I do have a favorite song or two from every soundtrack.

A high recommendation to get. Also, when you do attend a DW concert... You'll be singing the encore song of One-Winged Angel with Mr. Uematsu showing you how. wink
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Im stuck between X and XII in my opinion.

What really pulls me into X are the Songs of the Fayth and how many different versions there are. My favorite is Yunalesca's version and the Spira version. Also I love all of Seymour's themes. They have a sense of elegance with a twinge of darkness in them, much like Seymour himself.

I really like XII opening theme. I have it on my profile actually. I overall loved the soundtrack and cant pick just ONE song from there I call my absolute favorite. If I had to choose, I would say the re-done version of the Victory Theme for XII. So very triumphant. biggrin
I would have to go with FFIX all the way. There are very few songs that I don't like in that, and every single one portrays the mood perfectly (You can't tell me when 'Run' started playing in Evil Forest you didn't have the urge to bolt). The grand daddy of all these is You're Not Alone, one of the few songs in the series that continues to play even over the traditional battle themes just so it can let you soak in the feelings it gives
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Liberi Fatali is the most epic opening theme I've ever heard. And the rest of the music throughout the game is excellent, emotional, and fits the story and places. Certain songs like Man with the Machine Gun and Odeka de Chocobo are addicting as well. 8D
X being next.

too many good choices to pick from in terms of my favorite track of them.
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Well, out of those, FFIX by far. While FFX and FFVII have individual tracks I like more than any FFIX track, FFIX is overall more pleasant to listen to.

My favorite FFIX track is Kuja 5, which wasn't actually used in the game, but is on the FFIX Original Soundtrack PLUS. It's an arrangement of Kuja's theme that sounds... sadder. And yet, also more hopeful, I suppose.

I'd have liked it to have actually been in the game. :C

Though, I like FFI & FFII's soundtracks best of all. Their arrangement album, Symphonic Suite, will forever be my favorite Final Fantasy album. ♥
I haven't play IX, can't remember much about VIII, but I think between VII and X I prefer VII.
Torn Between VII and XII. they had the best soundtracks in my opinion.
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Final Fantasy VIII for sure. While I love the other soundtracks (Final Fantasy IX how I love you) 8 just let more of an impression on me. I remember more of that soundtrack then I do the rest.

Now I would like to point out I own most of the FF OST's so it's not anything like I like it more because I listen to it more. No I just like it.

My favorite song would have to be track 35, Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec. Now that's a mouth full. I know most people would choose Liberi Fatali, but I have fond memories of Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec. I loved that whole part of the game! And then I had to change discs...
Final Fantasy IX is in a league of it's own.

All the other soundtracks battle for second. First is already taken.

You're Not Alone and Rose of May are two of the all time best tracks in FF history.
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I would go with VIII, I just love Liberi Fatali and Eyes on me
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Between just those four? Probably VII - it had a certain synthy aspect to it that I liked, and had a nice, overall catchiness. The others had better single tracks, but got bland when it came to basic town music and such. IX, for instance, had the best battle theme, and X had the best single tune (To Zanarkand). I'm also not a big fan of traditional songs (with lyrics) in video game music, barring a few exceptions, so Eyes on Me and Melodies of Life actually hurt VII and IX, for me. Suteki da Ne brings X almost to second place, though; go figure. Liberi Fatali earns VIII a few points, but I can't remember a single other tune from that game. sweatdrop

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