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IX seems to be the popular sentiment around here, which I wholeheartedly agree with, and I don't even have nostalgia bias because it was one of the more recent ones I played. I'm a bit of an oddball in that there aren't any FF games I actually dislike, and I tend to have a hard time picking favorites. So it's kind of weird for me to have a clear-cut favorite. IX is just that good, and probably one of my favorite games of all time. The plot was just above average imo, but the atmosphere, characters, themes, music... one of these days I'll probably type up an essay on why it's so great. It really makes me sad when people fail to realize the strength of the incredible world IX built and how well all its themes tied together because they can't get past basic appearances. Borderline masterpiece tbh.

Honorable mentions go to VI and X. X because of how damn depressing it was all the way through, VI because of how well it handled its characters, even if I am getting fed up with how it's treated like THE GREATEST THING EVER PFFF THESE FF7 CASUALS DON'T KNOW TRUE ART KEFKA IS BEST FF VILLAIN SEPHIROTH IS JUST A WANGSTY MOMMA'S BOY. (Challenge: explain why you love VI without mentioning Kefka or FF7)

And this is coming from somebody who prefers Kefka to Sephiroth. emotion_eyebrow (though Kuja is best villain I'll say this until I die)
I've only recently discovered that IX is by far my favorite, despite VII being my first and VIII my second.

I love the world, the music, the combat, the skills, the characters. Pretty much everything. I can't think of a single aspect of IX that is off-putting to me. Whereas VII and VIII have characters that tend to get on my nerves (Cloud/Squall angst). Zidane on the other hand is just a fun character for the most part.

I will admit that I enjoy VII's music just a tad more than IX's, mostly because of the world map theme which sends tingles down my spine.

The atmosphere of IX and VII really hit home for me, whereas VIII and X are good enough but left me wanting more. If I ever want to boot up a game to feel like I'm genuinely absorbed in another world, it's gotta be IX.

I think my preference from favorite to least favorite would be:


Yes, I am a total loser and never got into the previous titles. Stopped playing after X, though... never touched XII and only played XIII for like half an hour before shutting it off and jumping into the shower to cry myself to sleep.
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I've noticed that so many people hate XIII, but I loved it!

It's really slow at first but a few hours in it gets better, but I guess I can't blame people for quitting on it so fast. Battle system is "eh" overall, but I love the Paradigm thing, and the characters got a lot more likable as I kept playing.

I haven't played XIII-2 or Lightning Returns yet, but I plan too soon, mainly because LR looks pretty great.
I'd have to add final fantasy VII as well
Which Final Fantasy is your favorite? -Final Fantasy X
Why do you like it so much? -It has a beautiful story and great gameplay. I also like the fact that I can relate to all the characters especially Yuna.
When did it become your favorite? -When I first started playing it.
Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another? -Yes, no other game in the series has or will replace it for me. heart

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