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Final Fantasy IX because it was my first one and I love the great amount of character development, the soundtrack has one of my favorite songs which is "You Are Not Alone" and the main character has a personality that isn't as annoying IMO compared to other FFs (exclude 6 and 4).
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It's a good tie between IV, VIII, and XIV.

IV and VIII are really memorable to me, with great stories and characters. VIII was the first game I really played, and IV is my favorite of the classic "Nintendo" era games. Nostalgia is what really gets me with those two.

On the other hand, it terms of genuine fun, that goes to XIV. I've been playing A Realm Reborn a lot recently and it has a lot of great content, looks great, and a nice community (form what I've experienced). Being an MMO, you have a lot more freedom too.
Maybe some people may not consider XI and XIV to be full on Final Fantasy, but there really isn't a stable formula to what makes a game "Final Fantasy" anymore. The only things that these games have in common anymore are crystals, recurring entities like moogles and chocobo, and a few similar designs for enemies.
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My favorite Final Fantasy game is FFIX for sure!

I may be slightly biased since it was the first one I had ever played as a child. After replaying the game as an adult (since child-me was too young to really understand much of it), I fell in love with the story and though the characters were a little strange, I loved their personalities. My favorite character was Vivi Ornitier. I thought he was just the cutest little guy, and ever since I've grown to love Black Mages and just mages/magic in general.
I also liked the way the battle system was in FFIX. I can really appreciate it more now since I'm older and experienced many other Final Fantasy games since then.
I absolutely love love love FF, but I've only played about eight or nine of them, so I can't really count the others. Why must you make me choose?! ;____; Each plot line and all of the characters are extremely creative and beautiful; I love every single one so much, but if I really had to choose... I'd go with FFXIII. The graphics, characters and story just drew me in so much, especially since I was playing on an HD 60" flat screen TV, making the experience so much cooler. The way the battles worked and the dynamic camera settings, different paradigms/abilities, ah, EVERYTHING, was just so fantastically put together. Not to mention, all of the other games are just as amazing. [:
i liked ff12 because of the new battle system at that time.
i like ff13 lightning returns because of its cooler battle system
Great thread to discuss about FFY. I love FF6 the most since i was a in high school. And i can still remember those days i skip from my classroom to play games.
Due to an over-abundance of this question over the last few months, I'm creating a thread for the specific purpose of discussing personal favorites.
If any new threads are created on the subject, they will be locked.
For that matter, I'll be locking the current ones as well.
Please try to keep spoilers to a minimum.

So say what you will.
Which Final Fantasy is your favorite?
Why do you like it so much?
When did it Become your favorite?
Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another?

My fav are FF8, FF9, FF7, FF2 and FF1.
Why? Because of its story, lore and concept and its marvelous and fantastic BGM's!
I can't remember when did it start becoming my favourite.
FF8 and FF9 were always my favourite. The others came about being favourite much later.
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I like FFXIII- no I love it. The whole cast is wonderful and Lightning is so handsome for a woman... heart
Mine is IX. It's the only one I finished. *shame*
But I loved the light hearted story. It didn't get into religion or too heavily into politics. Yeah, it was a bit cliche at times, but it's charming and holds a special place in my heart.

But I did love X and XII too. I just didn't ever play through them all the way.
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My favorite has to be 6 hands down. It's got good story, great character development, the coolest villian (I mean, c'mon? If you weren't terrified of clowns before, you better be now because Kefka is a scary guy), fantastic music and LOTS to explore once you get the airship(s).


I love how in the World of Ruin once you get the airship you can basicaally play the game how you want. Want to beat Kefka with 5 characters? Go for it. Wanna get Locke before Relm? You can do that too. I just being so free to do my own thing and create my own story.

IX is a close second for many of the same reasons.
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#5 FFX

I'm not a fan of the job system, I prefer when the characters have a preset job/class

I guess it's a tie between FFIX and FFXII when it comes to IP but FFIX wins in gameplay.

FFIX has the best character design, best music, a solid battle system.
It also has really beautiful environments.

I also like the world exploring in an airship part of the older Final Fantasy games, wich FFIX was the last to have before they went streamline.

I also like FFXII alot, it felt like an open world game and had an interesting battle system, I also like the art style of monsters and cities.

I never liked FFVIII due to dull and plain design, and the horrible magic system. It also has the least memorable soundtrack.
I like Final Fantasy IV, because I like how they had voices unlike III. The only thing that kinda got me mad at first was when the rabbit said we can change Cecil's name and when u did it said it couldn't do it. The story was awesome, just like all the rest of the Nintendo games.
I have always admired a game series that explores new horizons as far as making a game more dark and edgy compared to previous titles. This has been done for other games such as Twilight Princess: Zelda, as well as Super Smash Bros Brawl, etc. But my point is that I like the darker games of the series because of the risk factor, so my favorite is Seven and maybe Fifteen when it comes out.
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I like Final Fantasy 5 best, I grew up with it and it was my gateway into the series
Its Job system was incredible and the story was great.

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