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My fave's Final Fantasy IX coz i think its a basicallly great game, even tho everyone says it sux. i did play FF 5,7,8,9,10 but i still think 9's da best just not because it was my first FF, coz i think it's just da best of the FF biggrin
Which Final Fantasy is your favorite?
Why do you like it so much?
Great Story, characters, music, and gameplay
When did it Become your favorite?
When I first played it all the way through, like a year ago.
Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another?
It was always my fav.
I would have to agree with sookisooki. FF7 is the best out the series. I mean its the original, and I think it reshaped the entire RPG gaming community. It set so many standards, and blew away any expectations that you may have first had. this was just the best game!! blaugh
In terms of storyline and character development... I would have to say Final Fantasy VI was a tell true favorite!

In terms of looks; like graphics and such then I go with Final Fantasy X.

Then I believe that both would have tied for music. I have versions of both soundtracks and I love them!

I can't wait till Final fantasy X-2 comes out!! wink
FF7 has always been my favorite since the first time i played it, which was when i was like 6, it is a great game and a lot of fun to play over and over and over.
<b>Which Final Fantasy is your favorite?</b> FF6

<b>Why do you like it so much?</b> I just love Terra. She's sorta like me in ways when I start to ponder my furture as well as question my past. Plus, in the middle of everything, you're treated to an opera complete with a battle and it blew me away.

<b>When did it Become your favorite?</b> It was the first big name RPG on SNES and I just finished with PSIV. I picked it up and fell in love with it.

<b>Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another?</b> It will always be my favorite.
I'd say FF8 and FF2 are my favorites. FF8 is just so easy to pick up and play and overall just seems the most enjoyable to me.

I think all the Final Fantasys were pretty good titles up untill FFX. To me the character design seemed like it was trying a little too hard. But that's just my opinion.

Some reasons at www.geocities.com/shinjibeast/sayings/ff6.html.
I like FF7 the best for the simple fact that it is not a love story. The others are great but love is not my thing in RPG's unless you can kill your partner.(lol) wink
My Fave was FF8~! and FFX~!
I like FF8 more cuz I beat it ( xp haha~) and cuz the storyline, characters and everything was coool~
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Sorry, Magitek! I didn't realize that expressing my opinion about someone else was wrong. I do agree that I was a little brash about it and i do apologize for that. Ill work on that in the future. But I still think FF9 sucks and FF7 RULES!!!!
7 with 10 close behind.
Sakura Youkai
Final Fantasy XIII ( cool

*whispers* Psst....XIII = 13 wink

My personal favorite is FFVIII. I really got into the story (gotta love a love story), the graphics blew away FFVII's, the FMV's were awesome, and I personally think the Gunblade is the coolest weapon of all time. whee
I was alway's a huge fan of ffvii. Yah, the characters were super deformed, but the game itself set a new standard in rpgs. The story line was one of the best ever created, and the movie sequences were alsome! Because of the great way the movie sequences ran, and because of the amazing graphics, it set a new standard in how people viewed the fmv sequences.

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Final Fantasy 6 is my Favorite. 14 Characters Playable, Awesome Storyline, Over 50 Spells. And a Moogle that would give Sephiroth a run for his Gil. All I have to say is any other FF is lame in comparison and all who argue with me... well xp

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