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The bestt FF game ever is 6 or the 3rd for nintendo...Nothing beats that storyline of the characters in that game... if u havent played it u dont know what your missing...
Make'n myself known in the Final Fantasy forums!

My favorite FF in terms of storyline and gameplay if FF7. The characters are so loveable and the plot is astounding!

I enjoy FF8 for the characters, and FF9 for it's gameplay as well. No materia and the like made FF9 much more easy for me!
Final Fastasy 7 is my favorite and it Rox!!!!
P.S. I need gold sad
My personal favorite is FF3. Great storyline, Great characters. Great, great, great. My second favorite is the original FF. It just so hard.
blaugh WAI~~!!!! FF9 KICKS @$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blaugh VIVI KICKS a** AS WELL AS MOST OF DA CHARACTERZ BUT VIVIZ DA BEST!!!!!!!!
FFVII Is the best with the best Story line.
well i only got to play ff7 and ff10 and i think they were both really good. but i didnt play all of ff7 so i dunno that much about it so i guess ill say ff10. that was so touching. it made me cry, yea, im really emotional if you hadnt noticed already. but im pretty sure they're all very good. I LOVE SQUARESOFT games!!! lol. theyre awsome. k, bai~
Well, my fave is Final Fantasy. The original, no numbers after it. It got me hooked on the whole series. I still go back and replay it every so often. I remember being just awed by the game when I played it. And for those of you who are very young, I should give some perspective. It was 1990, I was 9, and the only other good RPGs were Dragon Warrior(aka Dragon Quest), Legend of Zelda, and Phantasy Star. Now, I didn't have a Sega Master System so I can't speak for Phantasy Star, but Dragon Warrior and Legend of Zelda were fairly short games. Final Fantasy blew me away with its story, graphics, and just overall being a great game. So, that is my little rant. If you have never played the original, do yourself a favor and go play it. It's great to see that right from the start, Square new exactly how to make a great game.
FFIX of course!! Vivi was great and despite what people say about it the graphics were cool and so was the story line!! scream stressed I hated that stupid chocobo though...
Hmmm... I'm not sure but it's between FFIX and FFX...... FFIX was my first FF game, and FFX well it jus rocks biggrin
FF4 will always be my favorite for good reasons

1. It was the first game I had ever beaten, let alone was good at
2. It allowed me to have the courage to try other RPGs
3. It's the first one I ever played

That's pretty much why
ff7 and ff10 are my favorits, 7 becouse it had the best storyline and good plot the charicters wher prety sick to.ff10 was a litle difernt then the others and they had the best styled charicters. biggrin
FF 9 is my favorite for some reason. I dont really know why though. o well. I guess i like the chars in ff9. GO VIVI! I didn't really like ff8 very much, and ff7 was too easy (once i got knights of the round at least) except for stupid ruby and emerald weapon..... ffX was pretty good but definately not my favorite. So from process of elemination, i guess ff9 is my favorite. Its also one of the two ive beaten (i never really bothered to finish ff7, but im at the last place and could probably win pretty easily and i didn't like ff8 so i never got far in that)
VII for me... the characters, music, story... it all fit together so well that I can't help but love it best... the music especially, I love all of Uematsus work but from VII on the music just seemed to get better
Which Final Fantasy is your favorite? 7, by far ^^
Why do you like it so much? The awsome charactors and theire attitudes
When did it Become your favorite? about... 3-4 years ago?
Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another? Always and foever more ^^

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