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My Favorite would have to be Final Fantasy VII....It has THE BEST story line, magic system...the limit system is genius...MUST I SAY MORE? My favorite character is Sephiroth and.....its always been my favorite wink
9 is my favorite.
my favorite final fantesy is number 10 its the best one i have ever played and i played, soon to be final fantesy 11 i think its going to be the best one let biggrin i cant wait xd xd xd xd xd
My favorite is by far FFVII!!! It is the BEST!!! Cloud is cool but I think that the best character is Shepiroth! Now with a few tweaks and up-to-date graphics........*gos on and on about game* and those would definitely make an improvement!
FFVII is my fav...but 3 was good to!!! FFVII is still the best though...
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I like final fantasy 7 and tactics but also tactcs advanced.
Final Fantasy VI is my favorite.

The plot was great, dealing with good and evil. How there is no light with darkness and no good without evil.

The characters were wonderful. Each of them had their own story. It didn't revolve around one character's story, like most other Final Fanasty games do, but each character had a part to play.

The music was beautiful. It had one of the best soundtracks out of any Final Fantasy.

The villian had to be one of the best. Everyone thinks Sephiroth is so great, but I think Kefka is so much better.

I could go on forever on why I love Final Fantasy VI, but I think I'll stop there.
Which Final Fantasy is your favorite? FF9
Why do you like it so much? The story is really great, and it goes into some detail about most of the character's backstories, plus the graphics are great and there were a bunch of 'funnies'
When did it Become your favorite? when I first played it (about a year ago)
Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another? Considering it was the first of the series that I had played, it was always my favorite.
I really don't know what makes Final Fantasy VII so much better than the rest. Is it because of all the big swords Sephiroth and Cloud use? Is it because it's the first one that's been played by the newer RPGers? I really have no idea. But my favourite is Final Fantasy VI. All the characters were developed nicely (perhaps with the exception of Gogo and Umaro). The battle system was pretty much the same: tedious, but fun nonetheless. The story probably is my favourite thing about it, it's quite deep, and it's not confusing at all. Plus, my favourite Final Fantasy villian is in the game: Kefka! I know, I know, a lot of you are probably going: "What the hell? Kefka is just some stupid clown! He can't do s**t!" and I'd disagree by flaming you with 50+ messages. First off, if you think about it, he got the closest to his goal than any of the other Final Fantasy villians. If he were to do battle with any of the other villains, he could just use Fallen One on their a** and poke em' to death. And he was probably developed better than any of the other final bosses (ie. Sephiroth, Necron, etc.).
FFx...the only one i've played X.x sweatdrop
I really don't know what makes Final Fantasy VII so much better than the rest. Is it because of all the big swords Sephiroth and Cloud use? Is it because it's the first one that's been played by the newer RPGers?

No, they're just two of the reasons given by older fans to help maintain the fact that their precious classics are the best.

Yes, VII was the first I played, because it was the first to be released here. But I've taken the time to complete them all regardless, and still I prefere it to the older FF's. What's the problem? Most FFIV fans only like it best because it was the first they played. Why not have a go at them?
well is hard to decide... my favorite ones are

X becouse of it geat storyline, awsome gameplay I love to hange the charcters and weapons in the middle of the battle and to play whit the aeons, great character development!!!!! I love all the characters

IV simply my first FF I love it GREAT storyline, great gameplay whit non-customizable characters AND THE BEST RPG CHARACTER EVER CREATED]CECIL

VI great historyline, adn lots of cool characters I LOVE IT BECOSUSE IS THE LESS LINEAR of the series, and the fact than tere was no real main character, everybody got his story!!!
I'm going to have to agree and say that my fav is IX. I just got so into it that I beat it in like a few weeks. I usually take alot longer but it was just to good. All the characters were well thought out and the story line rocked. Also it was the fist FF to let you play with four characters at a time.

Someone isn't really a FF fan... If I remember correctly, FFVII was the first FF that DIDN'T let you play with 4 characters. I know my favorite: FFVI you certainly got 4, in-fact in i believe areas of the game you had to control 3 parties of 4 for a total party of 12 characters(assuming you filled the parties, but usually, why not fill em) I have played every FF they released in the US (and one that wasn't really a FF game but had final fantasy in the title...think a lot of us played that one redface ) and if they hadn't released some of the older ones finally, i would still be able to say in order. Not that it matters, but I find alot of people jumped on the wagon at FFVII or later and claim to be fans without even understanding the history of the games. Example: FFIX referred to the return of the crystal shards which confused a lot of people. Glad they finally released that one though. biggrin
Final Fantasy X is the best. Hands down.
The world there is so intricate, It's amazing. The only thing that biggs me is the facts the you can't wonder around Bevelle.
What a shame...
Voiceovers were also a really good adition, and the whole facial animation system was spectacular! Sorry, SPANKTACULAR!
i like ff9 thats how i got my name blaugh

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