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My all time favorite FF is FFVII as it had the perfect balance of everything.
My favorite is FF7,8, and 9! & and 8 r my favorite! They are the only ones that have a decent story line for regular playstation! 9 has good graphics and stuff but the story line is terrible until the end!
My favorite Final Fantasy has to be... Kingdom Hearts. Nah jk. I'm gonna have to go with Final Fantasy VI. I've played all of the FF games including 3 jap. excluding FF X-2 and I have to say that none really compare to the drama that happens in VI. The only cast that I think even got close to being as lovable as VI's was Zidane and the gang from FF IX. And besides, who doesn;t love Kefka?
Well, FF7 was my first ever PS game, so it automatically becomes my favorite FF for that reason. Ever since I first played it, I loved the game. Even though I didn't have a memory card, I'd play...usually 14 hours at a time!
FFIV is the by far the best, V and IV run a distant tie for second... I like the newer ones but not nearly as much as the old 2d ones. Ive like the series in all since about... (gets out calendars from many years ago)... '94ish... this was way before game developers paid more attention to story and character than the cutting edge 3d graphics. Anyways theres my 2 cents worth.
hmm a lotta ppl thought ff6 was the best.. i never even played it.. well i thought ffx was the best.. i kno a lotta ppl dont like the story and stuff but i think its actually cool.. unlike the other final fantasys its a lil more on the technological futuristic side but it still has a magical side to it.. i also like the side games which are a lil cool and the graphics are AWESOME.. i mean the fmvs are just O.O!!.... i also love the ffx music and the character design.. and not to mention the switching characters easily and the sphere grid.. but some bad parts to ffx are the aeons.. not many summonings and theres only 3 side quests to get new ones.. i also thought the ending was a lil wierdish.. well thats y theres ffx2!!
Nothing beats FFVI. Back in the day, that's when games were games! None of this cinematic stuff to trick you into thinking that a bad game is good.
FF7 because i really gotten in the mood of the game. and i really hated it when aeris died. its like its no longer a quest to save the world but a quest to avenge aeris. ff7 is the best!!! and 1 more thing the graphics of the maps are not pixilated!
FF7 because it was the first one I ever played, and my first rpg ever. It has a special little place in my heart. X3 That and 7 has my favorite character of all time in it. 7 is followed really closely by 10, 4, 9 and 6, in that order. (FF10 was addicting, I loved the gameplay, I could play for hours and hours on end)
I like FF VII the most. With the great graphics and beautiful characters you know. Like Rinoa. Shes the greatest.
Dr. Pickles
this was way before game developers paid more attention to story and character than the cutting edge 3d graphics.

Jesus. How many of your type are actually here?

Why does every oldie fan of the series presume that everyone likes the newer FF's for their visuals? And that "the classics have more focus on characters and storyline as opposed to flashy graphics". That's bollocks. I own every one (except III), and I can safely say that the likes of VII, VIII, IX and X have far more interesting plotlines than the likes of FFIV. I just wish you people would give your opinion instead of pretending that your views are facts.

kthxbye domokun
Final Fantasy VII is probably my favorite, because of the beautiful, melancholy storyline, the lovely music and the memorable characters, especially Aeris who is my favorite RPG character of all time. The graphics were also really good -- I prefer the designs of the characters and towns to that of the ones in FFVI, VIII and IX. It became my favorite when I re-played it for the second time around, before that Final Fantasy VI and VIII were my favorites.
hmm final fantasy tactics is cool couse of its chess game format but final fantasy 7 rockz i like the story line its confusing quite not as confusing as 8 but its confusing still
too bad flower gal died in the1st disc
7 is the best by far cause it was the first and most popular ff game on the psone and even today its still the most popular ff game to date my reason for y its the best is cause its the most complex ff and it has that asome storyline its got the most excelent bady sephiroth it evan has 1 of the main characters die in the 1st disc its filled to the brim with un expected twists and thats all i want to say at the moment cause i'm tired
ff 9~ !! ^____^ it's the first ff i ever played. i was reading one game magazine and there was something about ff9. the pics looked interesting so i read that thing and after that i HAD to get ff9! xD it was like a month before my b-day and that waiting was terrible o_o; ff9 was published around the same time with my b-day :3
soo.. got the game and fell in love with it heart _ heart ^^ it has always been my favorite and because of it i also got the other ff:s ^.^ zidane was my fav. chara for a long time, now i like almost everyone from ff9 ^^; i just love everythign in ff9.. it's more like fantasy than 7 or 8. and the charas are cute and bright and funny and happy and i love their personalities and look and everything~ :3 and my nick is stolen from one of the charas _; i also luv the story, of course and music ^^ but i love most of the music from every ff. X3 (what i've played/heard) umm.. and the mini games! even i love playing them, hehe X) dunno, i don't like all of the mini games, blitzball for example. graphics were really good when 9 was still new, now it's a bit old. but i like the look of the game anyway smile and i still prefer 2d bg:s over ugly 3d ones : PP

before ff:s tomb raiders were my favorites xDD um, yeah, i can't think anything else to say now. except that i'm sorry my english is so bad @_@

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