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i'll say mine is IV...its the one i had to play hundreds of times nothing is sexy as rydia caller of mist making edge hen pecked and i liked the story line medieval like in ways modern...(my second favorite would be FF tactics on playstation...)i like stories about knights and maidens without the beginning style of FF what you see would never be...in the usa IV started the FF craze for me...I was good but i easily beat it in no time...i liked the twist in FFIV thinking golbez was your enemy and realizing damn! thats not the guy your after...but in several other FFs this same sort of thing happened in certain events of early FFs and late ones I think the FF series rocks ^____________^
10 its the only one iv got 3nodding
Dark Pixie
10 its the only one iv got 3nodding

woah thats a first.
ummmmmmm..........all of them! biggrin
well theres a tie for me i like both ff7 and fft the most
I love Final Fantasy 7 the best.

Why, you may ask? Because. It was the first Final Fantasy I had ever played. I remember well the mornings I used to fight with my brothers over who got to play it first... good times, good times...

FF7 had an awesome story line, and even better characters. Every character was given a story.

I mean, come on, who here DIDN'T feel anything when she died? That was like... omg ><

Plus, Cid Highwind is the greatest Cid in the history of Cid. He's a smoking, foul-mouthed pilot who doesn't take s**t from anyone. What's there not to love? xd

Not to mention the awesome replay value. I wonder how many hours out of my life I have spent playing FF7... sweatdrop
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Add to that that he shares his last name with Kain Highwind, of FF4 fame. xd
He kinda combines Kain and Cid from FF4. Grumpy mechanic with a spear.
Final Fantasy Tactics. Why?

Because of it's beautifully rendered 3D backgrounds with lovely sprites(Aside from the fact that they don't make use of knees), as well as the oh-so-lovable Job system and battle system as a whole, giving it, in my opinion, the best replay value of the whole series.
For me to pick my ultimate favorite it's a hard choice picking from 6,7 or 9. In the end I have to go with 6. I loved everything about this game and Kefka is one of my all time favorite video game villians. And personaly I think 6 has the most replay value, but that's just me.
No doubt the best Final Fantasy game I have to say would be Final Fantasy VII. It has the best story line and I love the game play. Cloud is such a cool character I've never seen such a sick character. They stick to the story and it never drags or gets off the topic of the story. I could care less about the graphics, I think there cool too, I don't care about looks its about the gameplay and storyline thats what keeps me hooked on an RPG. I give it a 5 Star, 10/10 and #1 in my TOP 10 RPG games.
i don't really have a favorite game, but i really do love the final fantasy series. i like a lot of rpg games, currently i finished playing xenosaga and i enjoyed that one a lot. the whole story plot gets to me. i like a game that has a good storyline ^^
FF6 awesome story, good character
FF Tactics (regular and advance) Fiighting engines rules, Sprites Rock, summons are nice not FF7 nd up qulaity, but still nice.

any one else notice a charcter name Cid is pratically in all the games, even if not a main character
I like Final Fantasy Tactics best, since it's got the best music, story and replay value. But all games are good in one or another way, I think...
7 is the best, great characters, storyline and cutscenes
FFVII was my first and favorite game until I played FFIX. There was just something in that game that made me fall in love with it. The characters were lovable and even if a bit cliche, the fresh spin they put on their personalities made them completely unique and new.

I personally love settings in the middle ages, with castles, nature and babbling brooks, so it had a lot of appeal to me. Although FFVII was awesome, it was cold in a way where FFIX was warm and welcoming.

Also, for the first time in any video game, I thought the given couple was a great choice. Garnet was sweet, beautiful, smart and independent and fell in love with Zidane for all the right reasons. They got along in a manner that made you melt inside because it was just so damn sweet. I had no problems with her. She wasn't whiny or clingy like Aerith and Rinoa.

And Kuja will always be the greatest villain of all time in my eyes. The fact that his appearance was so outrageous drew my attention and then upon examining his character I realized how unique and realistic he really was. I liked how he wasn't fighting for power or wealth...he was simply doing those things to survive. He wanted to live. It's believable and made him human. Also, his dialogue expressed his theatricality very well, and I loved that about him too.

FFVII is still my second favorite, but FFIV is pretty close. I love games where you wander through glenns and valleys. Adventurer, knight or bard...doesn't matter to me. I love the midieval settings. FFIV has beautiful music as well, especially the world map theme, and the plot is addictive. It has a wonderfully ethereal feeling to it.

Well, that's basically it. I'll stop my ranting.

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