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Which Final Fantasy is your favorite?

Why do you like it so much?
the music, the story, the characters... KEFKA!!

When did it Become your favorite?
I actually started to play that less than 2 years ago lol

Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another?
Before FF6, I played the psx FF games, and honestly, I really liked FF7. I still do. FF8, IMO, was a disappointment. It didn't really grab me. And FF9... didn't interest me at all lol. I didn't even finish the game ^^; I love FFX now, heh. Though, like I had said earlier, overall, I think FF6 is the best FF. No... best RPG!
FF6... bloody brilliant game!

Anyone here played FF3 (And I mean the ACTUAL FF3, not FF6), cos from 1 to 10 it's the only FF i haven't played
my favorite final fantasy game is ff7. it just has the best story line. they could have at least improved the graphics a bit. i mean cloud is a walking polygon. the music was awesome especially sephiroth's theme one winged angel. it became my favorite about 2 years ago.
FF 9 is my favourite; the music, the storyline, the character's, the setting, the costumes. I Love it!
Defenatly Final fantasy XVII. Why? it's simply the best. Greatest story, Caracters( Sephirot is coooool!) Many secret things to discover, and because it was my first final fantasy.
Final Fantasy VII. Awesome religious and complex story line, cool characters, sweet game play (materia has to be the best magic system yet.), Tifa has nice boobies, and an ending that raises more complications then answers (Yes that is a good thing shut up).
Which Final Fantasy is your favorite?
FF 6 most deffinately

Why do you like it so much?
The Characters: You have such a wide choice! You can use anyone you want! Plus you get to use them all, with the last boss you get a chance to challenge yourself using your weaker characters first! Plus I loved Gau! He's my fav. lol
The Storyline: The story line was really great! Really original.. I mean it's not often you find an evil cross dressing clown man who tries to take over the world. lol It was also fairly long.
The music: The music was great! There was never a time I felt like turning off the sound and plugging in a cd.
Game play: I loved the wide variety of skills each character had, they were each unique and very much magic usable. lol
The Challenge: The game wasn't too easy! I had to upgrade some to make it past some difficult sections. I don't enjoy a game that lets me fly through without any difficulty.

When did it Become your favorite?
It became my favorite... *thinks* the second I got to send my army of moogles off to fight the bad guys. That had to be the best part of the game. lol

Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another?
Before that I would say FF4. FF4 was my first FF I'd ever played. I think it really set me up expecting a challenge with the others. That's why I was so utterly dissapointed with FF7. FF9 was another of my favorites, falling in 3rd behind FF4. It was so fun, little games and stuff... really great game. I got all the chocobo thingies too and traveled to the fat chocobo guy. lol
Hmmm My favorite Final Fantasy has got to be 6. It is the best of the best. The story was great. And for a snes game te graphics were good. Plus the music. And it dealt with issues that some other games would not touch like suicide and things like that. Oh and it had Mog as a playable character biggrin
I love FFVI, because there were so many great characters, and while it can be said that Terra/Tina is the 'main' character, the story isn't single-mindedly focused on her. I loved Celes and Locke--their understated romance was cute, particularly at the end when you escape from Kefka's tower ^_^
I m going with FFIX as my favourite because of the following reasons:

CHARACTERS:-Each character has there own background and story that I believe is expanded on and pulled off better then all the others (And the characters are just cool eg. Vivi, Steiner, Amarant & Dagger/Garnet)

STORY:-I loved the story because it focused more on the fantasy side of the game and was very compelling (Although ive noticed each Final Fantasy game seems to do the same thing with the main character and puts him through some kind of identity crisis eg.FF6,FF7,FF8 & FF9 have obvious identity crisis issues)

GAMEPLAY:-The battle system was very good in this one because it flowed together very well and there were four ppl per battle. Level-Up system was went back to the basic get more experience each level and the learning abilities system via equipment was an excellent idea that obviously pulled off because was used again (FFTA). Also had a lot of good sidequests eg. Mognet Trading, Chocograph Hunting & Frog Catching)

MUSIC:-There was a lot of really good music in this game eg. Melodies of Life, Song of Memories, Tantalus Theme, Vamo Alla Flamenco, Treno, Hunters Chance, Black Mage Village & Kugas Theme/Dark Messenger. (You're bound to like at least 2 of these)

Everybody says it sucks, but Zazi kinda liked FFVIII... seriously. The card game rocked, it had the best ship... the only one with a plot that could be worthy of a movie. With the exception of the time compression bit, maybe... er, it'd probably be a tv series actually... but, y'know. But anyways- Zazi's favourite... Hmm... goo question. Seven was two quick- Zazi didn't realise he'd gotten to the end already. Sephiroth was too damn easy. It took him thirty seven hours to finish. That was with massive levelling, and Zazi thinks a golden chocobo. Of course, now he's gone back and has played for 162 hours on that same save file. xp Six was okay, but Zazi never really got too attached to the characters like he did with the others. And he didn't find himself looking on the ground for collectables like materia and crap like he did with the others. Eight... Squall was possibly *too* deep. All that crap about 'doing by myself' wore a bit thin. Nine looked like a friggin' cartoon. And he could never beat Ozma, get to 1000 skips or get the S rank treasure hunter award stressed . 10 was okay... it had some good effects, finally some voices and a reasonable twist. Even though a blind monkey could probably have seen it if he sat down to think first. Well, Zazi'll have to go with an unofficial favourite. It's sorta Final Fantasy, so Zazi'll put it in.

Kingdom Hearts

CHARACTERS:-The Characters actually seemed to know each other for once. They all had a history. Of course, Zazi hasn't finished it yet... but, y'know. He beat the hell outta Squall, and for that he is happy. Of course, the first time he met Cloud, Zazi got the s**t kicked outta him.
Odd thought- "I just got beaten by Cloud, who was sent by James Woods to kill Hercules."

STORY:- Thankfully, the story would have been almost unaffected if the Disney part had been taken out. It seemed alright, though, the enemies were a bit unimaginative. Though, the annoying thing is- no cinematics that are any good except for the first one. That was great, but it was a bit too heavy with the "WHAT THE ******** JUST HAPPENED!?" bit.

GAMEPLAY:- Yeah, sure... the actions are a bit repetitive, but what FF game doesn't have that?

MUSIC:- Zazi reckons the song in the first cinematic ******** pwn3d. The music from the disney levels was pretty good, but only from movies Zazi liked. Especially Halloween Town, from "The Nightmare Before Christmas". "This is Halloween" roxed.

CONCLUSION:- ... let's say... 8.5 outta ten.

Sorry about not doing a real final fantasy game. This one just seemed relevant.
FF VII is the greatest game ever biggrin . I like it because it has the best story line and the best RPG villan ever. blaugh
IVf (read 4) is my favorite. It's one of the last old school RPGs ever. Deffinately the last old school Final Fantasy. The best story ever. You can take your self centered and convoluted plots and shove 'em. This was good before you knew what good was.
I think my favourite final fantasy of all time is most likely final fantasy 8. I'm just someone a sucker for those romance stories. heart Plus I thought the story line was wicked. But I'm not sure. FF8 has been my favourite for like ever, but it might be replaced by another......muahahhaa..... I won't know until
dun dun dun......FFX-2 COMES OUT IN U.S/CANADA!!! WHOO HOOO!!!! Ahem, excuse my excitement.....lol
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FF6! With the amazing story, hilarious sprites, and Kefka, how can you go wrong.

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