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I like FF7 the best. It had the best story line imo and I -love- the materia system for using magic
personally i think that ff7 had the best everything, the best battle system, the best story, and in my opinion the most sidequests and most interactive enviroment of all the final fantasys so far
You gotta love the sidequests 3nodding
i likes FFX for the main reason of the sphere grid AND BLITZBALL!!!! i love that game! sometime in the near future they should turn it into a professional sport biggrin yup yup yup!!!! FF8 use to be my favorite but not no more!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooo yeah. 3nodding
FF7 best store best battle set up and best main char and no bs in the entire thing and the coolest sword ever
It's a close race between 7, 8, and 10. I really liked 7, it was the game that got me into games in general, and I saved up for two years for a PS just for that game, even though I had it for the computer. Yes, I'm a late RPG bloomer. ^.~ Anyway, 7 and 8 both had more... dark storylines, which seem (though far-fetched) closer to live. I can't imagine a quest to save the world being the happiest situation to be in. 9 was just way too happy for me. 10, was just awesome, and there was so much to do. I never beat 5 or 6, though I played them through to the end. Then I got bored. I know, sacriligious! >.<
Blitzball was a living hell for me. Stupid contact sports
You silly, silly people. Ignoring graphic and flashy ooh and ah makers, and taking into consideration the time at which the game was made and what, in the line of substance, it has to offer, the best Final Fantasy game, by far, would have to be Final Fantasy.
That's right baby. Old schooler in the house.
This game had it all and paved the way for those eye-candies everyone is so impressed with. Yes, the entire series kicks more booty than should be allowed, but none can ever beat the original. Everything after will simply be a "new and improved version" of the greatest game on earth.
BTW, playing Tactics advanced right now, give me a holla if you wanna discuss how much fun it is and what have you.
FF7 is my fave. it has been for 4 years... but it is closely followed by 10

ff7 is my fav but i like the look of crystal chronicals
FFVII is my fivorite.
I like the charecters.
I also like how they took the name "sephiroth" from the Kabala (I'm not Jewish, but I think that's really creative.
But most of all...
I L heart VE the LATIN lyrix in the final battle BGM!!!

Whoever was dissing blitzball, i must agree! IT HAS NO PORPUS, JUST LIKE SPELING AND THE UNPOSSIBLE ENGLISH!

Well I have a 3 way tie for FF 7,8.

VII had a ok story line and i like the char devloment the best in that chapter. But 8 had a new age system the changed alot in the RPGs plus was the best story they have writen as of yet.
final fantasy 10 is my favorite
It's gotta be a close one between 7 and 10..... they both had brilliant music, and I loved the freedom in 7 - you could go anywhere, and put the storyline (which was fantastic) on hold if you wanted, and then return to it, but 10 had an amazing storyline as well, and one advantage over 7 it had was the character specialisation - i founf that in 7 the characters could become a little generic, but, unless you completed the ENTIRE sphere grid then each character was pretty different... It had a brilliant ending too (which I won't spoil) but the storyline was a little bit too linear compared to 7... I don't know, it's a tough one... both games had such brilliant characters...

(You'll probably notice that I haven't mentioned graphics at all - while yes, the graphics of 10 were (and still are) amazing, and some parts of the game may not have been possible without them, I do not hold the graphics to be of any major importance compared to gameplay, storyline and characters)
Well I have a 3 way tie for FF 7,8.

Umm... that's only 2

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