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Hmmm.... I have to choose a favorite? This isn't just a simple "I like this and not that" type thing. You're talking about Final Fantasy and all of its glory! Each one had something that endeared it to me. I suppose that I could rank them in order of most time spent playing... Should I choose a favorite it would come up a tie between several of them.

First off, Final Fantasy VI. The hallmark of the series in my personal opinion. This particular instalment had a deep and intriguing plot that spiraled down into oblivion only to soar to the heights of joy. I found that the character development in FFVI was something previous Final Fantasy games had not spent so much time on and it was something, I thought, that truly added to the game experiance. True, if you simply played through the game you missed out, but if you really looked into each character, spent time using them, marched around and played with each one you would find that each had a story, a history, and a place in the game.

The game did focus on Terra, Locke, Edgar, Sabin, Celes, and Cyan... but if you followed others, such as Setzer, you would find an equally in depth and tear inducing story. Even Shadow, Strago, and Gau had stories worth looking into! Yet, the game didn't ride solely on character development. The graphics have always been something I thought were visually pleasing and beautifully colored. The music has captivated me for years and I have the official sound track for it as well as innumerable remixes from OC Remix from that game. The length also kept me occupied and the sidequests were entertaining and only served to enhance the story and the whole experiance. Not to mention it brought closure to many personal stories. An example would be Cyan's sidequest in the castle in his dream.

After Final Fantasy VI though, I would have to go with Final Fantasy VII. While the graphics were more than a little painful, I was willing to overlook this in light of the fact that the gameplay was incredible. And as I am sure to get mocked for this I will just get it out of my system...Sephiroth was insane and wonderful, and easily the best Squaresoft character of all time. He was awesome! Cloud wasn't bad either, but Tifa bothered me. I cried when Aeris died too... call me sappy. I thought she and Cloud were perfect for each other. The sidequests were fun and I have to say, Vincent was awesome too. The ending kind of threw me for a loop, but other than that I really liked it.

I'd also have to say I liked Final Fantasy IX as well. The whole story between Zidane and Garnet was one of the sweetest I had seen in a while and I particularly liked the abilities gaining system. I would have to say I fell in love with Vivi too. Not to mention that the story twists in this game were equally unexpected and welcome.

But at this point I'm sure you're getting tired. I have more to say, I asure you, but for now those are my opinions. Hope someone actually reads it all though... ^_^
FF8!!!!!!!!!!!! its the best. some people say its too much of a love story. but i love it, so shutup, waaaaa. i want it to never end.
It would have to be Final Fantasy 7.. the best game of all time.. yea sure, the graphics may be pretty gay but the storyline is beautiful. o yea, and Sephiroth is THE BEST boss ever invented in gaming history
Favorite one? tactics currently, havent finished it yet but i love the storyline, its somewhat realistic biggrin
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Look at my sig an guess three times!! FF7!!!!!!!!!!!!
eek FFI
is the best, the story is the best for me, the number of characters and their abilitys, the first time I play it I understan that play FF was my destiny
Actually, ff8 is my favorite. It is just the way all the characters connect to each other evites me in ways you wouldn't imagine!
Final Fantasy 7 (of course) is my favourite because of it's innovative graphics, memorable characters and innovative storyline.
Without no 7 there wouldn't be an 8. FF7 became my favourite ever since I saw that commercial. It was the first RPG I have ever played, not including Zelda b/c I think that's more action oriented.
My fav FF is 6 or 3 in US......
Why?? cause the story line ruled, it staed with the low tech mythos.. and no load time.

It became my foavorite the first time I played it..

yet it is still a toss up between FF6 or FF Tactics for PS, even with load time, the game just ruled, I wanted FF Tactics Advance had a different story line and the rule things was different.
I like FFX, FFX2 and FFXII. The graphics for FFX and FFX2 are
The gameplay is great and as I already said, the graphics are just so beautiful. You get stuck sometimes with the puzzles you have to figure out but then... It's worth it as you get to witness the graphics fluidity during the long movie parts and the battles.
Besides... the characters are cute too.

Also as you can see form my banner...
i am collection the whole ff series so that should say that.
scream final fantasy three is by far my favorite. why, because it's character's were great, it allowed for delving into a different variety of skills by using different party members. the music was just outstanding, and overall gameply was great. the vaience in items as also very good. it has always been and always will be the best ff ever.
I dont know really FF7 has a nice story X has a good story also
V is cool and FFTA is cool because you can play it anywere
Overall my Favorite is FF7
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Final Fantasy VI is definitely the most elaborated game regarding character's story backround, every other final fantasy focusses all the attention in the main character and his/her loved one and the others have only a bit of attention in the storyline but in FFVI there's such a good elaboration in the stroy of each character that it comes to a point in the stroy where there's no real definition of who's the main one between Celes, Locke, Terra and the Figaro brothers. also it's the only game where there are real secret characters and not secret-like ones like Yuffi and Vincent (VII) or Quina (IX, although the sidequests in this game are way better than in the other FF's).

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