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Final Fantasy 4 is my favorite

I like it because it was such a deep game, even back when I was young and still to this day.

It was the first final Fantasy I beat.

It has and will continue to be my favorite.
i like final fantasy tactics
my favorite final fantasy would have to be final fantasy tactics. the storyline was good, and it was just an all around fun game. i got into it..again..about a year ago. i really didnt have a favorite final fantasy until i got back into this.
My favorite FF? Tactics, on PS.

The only bad thing that can be said about Tactics is that it didn't have the graphical quality of other FFs from VII up, and I'm not concerned with that. What I AM concerned with is its superior soundtrack, its brilliant and challenging battles, and its sucess at turning the Standard FF Storyline (TM) into something great and unique through a massive dose of provocative religious themes and power politics.

FFT has been my favorite ever since I borrowed it from a friend and got completely & utterly wrecked in Dorter due to bad tactics. Challenge is a big thing for me... which is why I hated Orlandu. (ALL HAIL <OR IN MY CASE, CURSE> THE CHEESEMEISTER ORLANDU!)
FF8...because its the first FF I ever played biggrin
mine would be ff7 because it has the coolest people like red13 and vincent.

p.s. it also has tifa heart heart heart
i cant believe that ppl say that ff10 is 1 of the worst in the series!! HOW CAN PPL BELIEVE THAT?!?!? i recon its the best in the series....the graphics are brilliant and the gameplay is top notch!! sure the movie scenes go on for a bit too long but i recon its worth the rest of the game!!
pues.... Para mi el mejor juego es el Final Fantasy VIII ... se puede decir que el FFX es mucho mejor.. graficamente... pero no se.... los personajes del X como que carecen de algo de carisma.... los ojos no me gustaron.... en fin.... de hecho en el X hasta hablan!!... pero ni aun asi me gusto... yo a mi parecer el mas padre fue y sera el VIII ........... muy completo.. y vaya que batalle con las cards.. jajajajaa xd

(Edit by Ryonin: For those that do not speak spanish, i will do my best to translate)
Now... My favorite is Final fantasy 8. It could be said that FFx is much better, but the characters in X seemed to lack emotion in their eyes.
( I could not figure out the rest, as I am merely re-interpreting a babelfish translation sweatdrop )
My personal favourite is definitely FFIX. It has the best music, the most comfy atmosphere, THE story and the characters you like the most.(Except for Rikku and Aeris heart )

The only downfall this masterpiece has is that the fights are slowbut if you can handle that, FFIX is the bset game ever made! 3nodding

So say what you will.
Which Final Fantasy is your favorite?
Why do you like it so much?
When did it Become your favorite?
Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another?

Final fantasy 7.
It is really amazing! I love the story plot and the characters and its funny and interesting..and awesome!! Of course graphics aren't the best..but everything else about it compensates for that!
Um it became my favorite after I played it twice. It was the second ff I have ever played, Final Fantasy 8 being the first.
And yeah it displaced FF 8!! After playin it a while I really fell for it. xp
i Love FF7 it has the best story and the characters are so memoriable whee
the best is FFVIII so better than is FFXII
even all of we got a preference about a single game from the saga I think all of we think that is the best game we've ever seen!!!
biggrin blaugh
The best FF out there is Final Fantasy X.
Great story that brought me into the game so well I felt for the characters even at the end with the way things turned out I nearly cried.
I love everything about the game and I am eagerly awaiting the US release of FFX-2.
ff8 is the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeest redface

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