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My favorite is FFIX.. it's so cute!! i really like the graphics and plotline... hrm.. it became my favorite when i went over to my friend's house to play it... i borrowed it temporarily and totally got hooked... she still needs to beat it before i can finish playing my game tho... crying it took place of FFVII... but those two might tie one day... 3nodding
uhhh... ive played.. 2,7,8,9,10... and out of them all i like 7 the most.. it was the best game i ever played.. best storyline and all taht good stuff... graphics werent that great but the game was awesome...
um... all ^^;
I don't really care what happens to this thread, and kind of wish it would die...I've answered it far too many times. whee

Anyway, my favorite would have to be FFVIII, with FFIX and FFVI following VERY closely behind. VIII is not my favorite because of its graphics or its rather mediocre storyline. It's probably only my favorite because it was the first I played--the one that introduced me to a whole new world of gaming. I adore it.

IX, on the other hand, is the funnest I've played, and its characters are endearing and memorable. FFVI's Kefka still has me in peals of laughter, and I could say many good things about it. But don't get me wrong, I like something about all of the FFs I've played. I'm replaying FFVII right now, as a matter of fact. Lovin' that Cid. xd

I'm done rambling and sounding stupid now, I promise. whee
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It's either this thread or fifty thousand duplicates. sweatdrop
It's here so they won't bog down the rest of it, since it won't die.
FFVI and FFVII are tied for my favorites, FFX was quite good as well, as a await the sequel. I really never got into FFVIII though; I could only play it for 5 or so hours before I had to call it quits.
i don't really have a favorite, but i enjoyed ff8 (because of the story), ff9 (because of the cute sd-forms and zidane), and ff10 (graphics, ps2 and lulu ^.~). i'm waiting for the anticipated ffx-2, to which i hope will be another success ^^
I'm gonna have to say FFV is my favorite, followed by FFVI and FFIV, I don't really like any of the newer 3d like ones except FFX, but I am old school all the way, and I'd even go as far back as to say the original Gameboy Final Fantasy games are my favorite.
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To be fair, the Gameboy games aren't Final Fantasy games.
Square products changed for name recognition on our shores back when Square wasn't a giant.
I like ff8 the most because i like the guadian forces and the way that you can draw magic from a monster you encounter and i especially like the gunblade.

I also like the story and soceress edea.... she's cool
The best final fantasy is hard to decide because there are all good upsides

Best Character Development- FFVIII, the way you see Squall kinda open up

Best Bad Guy- FVII, Sepiroth he was just PSYCHO AWSOME

Best Emotional Storyline- FFX, Its a love story AND a battle for the world plus you see secondary romances flare

Worst Plot Twist- FFVII, AERIS!!!! the day gamers cried.... *sniff sniff* thank god for Kingdom Hearts
Wow, tough choice...gonna be a while till I actually choose my definite favourite from the series. I loved X because I'm a sucker for sad-hopeful endings and romance stories (just as long as its good, which in this case IMO it was)-also just the story of Spira, the history behind the world was very interesting to me. Most people I've met don't agree though-ah well. VIII was great because-like what Gregory said-Squall's character development was nice and just the characters were so cool. Possibly one of the only times I've actually appreciated Nomura's characters (I'm more of an Amano fan). VII used to be my favourite until everyone (maybe not everyone) thought this was the only FF worth playing. I loved VI overall-I dunno why, like I'd play all the later games with all the new cinematics and great characters designs just that I end up finding myself enjoying VI the most. I think all the FF titles are great though some games do stick out more than others-I'm gonna have to go with VI as my favourite though.
My fave's FF7! It was the first one I played and after that I had to track down all of them. I really like 6 and 10 as well, but they just can't beat 7!
Lets see... I choose Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy VI followed by
Final Fantasy X... Tactics is just... different... and I've played that the
most (hourwise)... Six was the first finalfantasy I played and what started
it all for me... and Ten was fun (was it just me or did quick hits make the
game that much easier?)
Well Quick Hits and Break Damage Limit made things easier lol

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