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my fave is TACTICS ,with no doubt
FF6 (known as ff3 on the snes); it's my favorite mainly because of the memories associated with playing this game. it was a good time in my childhood, good friends and good fun playing snes while ordering pizza hut and skipping out on homework/school.

ahhh. the good ole' days...

not to mention kefka was funny and a badass boss character...
I really don't know...
ff7 was probably the rpg that changed all rpg's of the future. it set a standard. truely one of the best of all time. right now i would have to say FFXI cuz ive become addicted to it... sweatdrop
FF VIII all the way. That game was amazing. The opening and ending sequences were amazing and the graphics were insane for the time.
I loved the battle system and the love story in it was actually developed not like in most other games and movies. The characters were awesome and junctioning was fun.

Twas just awesome.
My Fav depends on what time period your talking about if it's back in the super nintendo era it would have to be FFIII Otherwise my all time fav is FFVII I enjoyed the plot and materia system some people didn't like it I did I think it was unique.
my all time favourite is final fantasy 7

it has the best storyline and nicest characters. i enjoyed the system of battles too. it has this mysterious feeling of an almost-destroyed world and all that mizerable feeling... and still it wasnt depressing. then...selphiroth and cloud rock my socks. and best is, no dumb love story. well there was a little flirting between tifa and cloud, but nothing real... no kiss, no lovey dovey. i was so grateful for this !!!
I cannot choose. I almost bought tactics the other day but was a couple bucks short. crying
FF8 is my favorite because the plot is the best and the games design is different from all the others. it was a bit confusing but I got use to it
Which Final Fantasy is your favorite? Proably 10. if not 8.
Why do you like it so much?
Grpahics were awesome and the story line was fantastic
When did it Become your favorite?
when i first started playing it smile
Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another?
No 5 was my favorite untiled i played 10. 5 was the first one i ever played and beaten. smile
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i love finalfantasy x it is the best ff game of all time i love the game play it has great graphics i would play it 100 times over. You can do so many challenges with it and the original species creatures are hard and fun to fight it is an awsome game over all i love rpg'
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another one of my favorites is finalfantasy 3 for snes it is awsome to it is a hard game and requires lots of trainig and thought i love pummel it is hilarious anyways i think it is a great game
7 Rocked It was just because it is the the best story line in a game i have seen
I like FF5 because it has the job system and everyone can learn anything. But of the 3-D ones I'd have to say...FFVII. But I haven't played FFX-2 and that has the job system also. So I'm looking forward to that.
i love Finaly fantasy Xl (elevan) i think it is the best out of all of them..if yu dont belive that there is one just go to a vedio game store and ask...its for computer but...it will com out for ps2 in march..

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