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FF X and the VII the ff X is the ff for the history and the love 4laugh heart
ff VII history,charatercs and the mode of playing
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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite-getting that next armor and weapon to hunt that next monster. Never gets old
FF9 will always be my fav. Best (in my opinion) all around stoyline, characters and gameplay in the series
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Which Final Fantasy is your favorite? Final Fantasy VIII ( 8 )
Why do you like it so much? I just like the characters more, I played FFVII before I did FF VIII- FF 8 is just 1000X more likeable imo. The romance is intense & is the better love story of any FF because there is no disappointment or any character left out & youre not left hanging at the end.
When did it Become your favorite? I'm not sure how to answer this question so umm When I was small
Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another? At 1st FF7 was my fav, then played FF8, enjoyed it was much better. Plus the villains are much more sinister c:<

If I had an order on my fav FF games of all time it would be FF8, FF9, FF Crystal Chronicles, FF6, FF X, 12 & then FF7
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My favourite is FF8.
It was my first RPG ever, and it opened a whole new world for me (sucked me in might be a better description...).
I like all of them, but if I'd had to choose, I would say FF10 would be the second best for me.
Simply because it carries such a deep emotion with it, all the freaking time.
Like one of your favourite movies you can never forget, but cannot stop watching either.
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Final Fantasy 8 by far is my favorite though oddly enough it is followed by Final Fantasy 12. I like the character designs particularly in 12. smile
VI because I love the characters, the music, and that old school look. My fav character is Locke Cole!!!
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Final Fantasy Tactics = twas my first FF so like most things you see first before the rest of it's spring off, you like the original one you experience xD Same case for me here biggrin
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X....'nuff said.
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my fav is ff7 great storyline and good batlle animations for its time
Final Fantasy X has always been my favorite, it was the first one I played and a hugely captivating and easy to follow storyline it was linear but allowed enough side quests where they didn't take over the game i.e. doing 300 side quests to get a price of gear that you may or may not like
Of course it has to be FF9. heart

That game filled my childhood with joy and never actually completed it untill recently.

Best Card Game (We need to bring that back in FF)

Best Characters (Steiner and Vivi absolute mavericks)

Best Storyline By Far.

Only other game in the series that comes close would be FF7. However Ruby and Emerald just destroyed my hopes and dreams. So begone!

mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen
Junichi Uchiha
VI because I love the characters, the music, and that old school look. My fav character is Locke Cole!!!

Absolute Lad ninja (closest thing to a thief hat looker)
Mine is definitely Final Fantasy 12.

It was the first game I played of the series, and has the best combat system IMO. The International Zodiac Job system is EVEN BETTER. I just wish they would localize that here =/

Maybe they will for the PS4? Who knows...
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Does Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII count? If it does, then that is definitely my favorite. The characters (especially Zack) are lovable, and I love the story and how it's a prequel to VII. The ending is so poignant. I think it was only a couple of years ago when I played it.

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