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I love FInal Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core. They are my favorite because the plot line and game story is amazing and secretive while being revealing in the past of all the charactors. I've grown up my whole life playing the Final Fantasy series and I must admit that though I love every game, Final Fantasy 7 for Play Station is by far the best. Crisis Core only adds on to the suspense in the oringinal and explains more to why Cloud was who he was and acted the way he did.

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Favorite is either X or XII with VII as honorable mention. I liked the plot in all of them and the amount of roam in XII and VII made me a fan.
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VII of course.. xD
Cause it was the first Final Fantasy game I played and it's just awesome. :3
Great plot and characters.
Due to an over-abundance of this question over the last few months, I'm creating a thread for the specific purpose of discussing personal favorites.
If any new threads are created on the subject, they will be locked.
For that matter, I'll be locking the current ones as well.
Please try to keep spoilers to a minimum.

So say what you will.
Which Final Fantasy is your favorite?
Why do you like it so much?
When did it Become your favorite?
Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another?

My favorite FF series is Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. I just simply like this series because the storyline is great (im not gonna spoil it, but it just great!) and the characters is catching my eyes.. and the antagonist (Genesis) design is resembling of my fave idol Gackt. so that I am so biased to this game..
FFX-2 is my favorite because i love the story how Yuna tries to search for Tidus, it also has some awesome graphics
This question is so hard! ALL OF THEM! Just kidding.

I'm going to have to go with Final Fantasy IX. Why? Because I just started replaying it after ten years of not playing it, and I am in love with the characters and the story. Final Fantasy VII will forever be in my heart though, since it was my favorite since the day it came out (I was 6 years old! That was forever ago, oh my gosh!).

However, I do like the 'draw' system in Final Fantasy VIII the best. Way better than IX or VII. I like having so many cures or so many curagas verses having MP.

So IX is my fave, VII is in a close second, and VIII is third. I guess that'll be how it goes.

Phew, I'm done.
Final Fantasy VII has to be my favorite~! heart I love all the characters. Even Sephiroth. They storyline is amazing, nonetheless. Plus, I love the materia system~! heart
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ffx coz of the game play the graphics and the story
My favorite final fantasy is VII advent children.
because it took place after sephiroth is defeated by Cloud.
after that Cloud changed, his clothing design is just amazing.
My favorite was FFX-II, I mean who doesn't love a final fantasy game with just chicks, but did they have to make Riku act like a true blonde
Final fantasy 6. it was fun.
Of the Old School - FF6

The new - FF8

(note Old school is the NON 3d versions)

I'll comment on others opinions later

That one is really cool
As I started with FF-I and continues all the way to FF-XIII, it's not easy to choose as they each had moments and features I fell in love with and am still in love with to this day, but if I had to choose... Hm... Tie between FF-II and FF-VI for the old school games, and FF-IX for the new school games.

Yeah, sorry. I still can't pick only one. lol mrgreen
FFVII without a doubt is my favorite. I thought the story line was fantastic. I thought the characters were wonderful and I loved the mini-games and side quests. Playing FFVII actually made me feel like I was in a different world. And Sephiroth was an amazing villian!

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