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Final Fantasy IV would be my favourite one since it's my first Final Fantasy game that I really got into. The characters are amazing; same goes with the storyline.
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Which Final Fantasy is your favorite? Final Fantasy
Why do you like it so much? It's what sparked my love for the rest of the titles, when they were released. I love the selection... the basicness of it all. The difficulty (because let's face it. The encounter rate was high and the gil rates were low). The story is fun, the characters are fun, the bosses are fun. Some of the monsters will *always* have special places in my heart, and... I will always love WOLF. The first game didn't start your characters with names, and I don't know why... but I had to name my Black Mage, WOLF. Every time I played, he was WOLF. And I remember, the first time I played 9, when Vivi makes his debut, I cried out "WOLF!!!!!!" in quite a fangirl scream... LoL
When did it Become your favorite?1980-something.
Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another? Always. Forever and always. biggrin
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Which Final Fantasy is your favorite?
Final Fantasy IX

Why do you like it so much?
I love fantasy settings for games and such so 9 filled this pretty well. 9 had beautiful scenery in the towns and all over. I loved all the characters (well, Amarant never really grew on me but otherwise...), the story was engaging, and the music had many many songs which I enjoyed. Kuja ending up becoming one of my favorite FF villains for the unexpected turn around he took at the end of the game. It's really hard to pinpoint what it is about 9 that drew me in but I loved it every step of the way (except trying to figure out that card game).

When did it Become your favorite?
When I played it for the first time about a year and a half ago.

Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another?
By the time I had finished it I had only played and completed FF 4 (DS) and Dirge of Cerberus by this point and I couldn't say either of those were my favorites. 4 held a special place in my heart for being the first FF game I played/completed but I couldn't say it was my favorite. So I'd have to say that FF 9 easily established itself as my favorite though it nearly got displaced after I finished playing FF 10.
Mia Lavinia
I like FFIX the most. It has so cute graphics and I think the charas have great personalities. The Magic system is also nice. 3nodding

But.. Now that I have Crystal Chronicles, I think I like it more..

Well, I am a big fan of FFIX too, but I don't really like Crystal Chronicles too much. Nvm I like FFXV the best.
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*curls up with FFIV, DS, purring happily* I forgot that I was just slightly under leveled here, and that the dragons in the Lunar Subterrane are kicking me all over the place XD

I know I already stated that the original is my favourite, but IV comes in, tied with VI for second ^^
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Which series is my favorite:

I would have to say FFX. Why? Cuz it's the only FF that I finished (or even had the console to play). I like the story, the whole, "Dream Zanarkand" part really kicks in on the emotional part. I felt sad that Tidus had to go because he himself was not really who he thinks he is, but an Aeon. And my ties to my father wasn't well, same like Tidus to Jecht. It's the only story that I can relate to my own life here.
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I really liked FFX a lot because of the characters and development system. Also, FFVIII was the first FF game I played, so it will always have a special place in my heart
yum_onigiri FF X!
FFVIII, always and forever. It was my first, I loved the graphics which at the time were mind blowing to me. I loved every character and the music, I've played it through so many times. I still, even today in fact, listen to the OST because it puts me in such a good mood.
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Final Fantasy Tactics A2, because I like a good tactical RPG where your units don't just go away forever after a unit dies, unlike the first "Final Fantasy Tactics".
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Final Fantasy tatics becuz its hard to play and give you the freedom of manage a crew to the victory. check my sig for EPIC gaming discussion! <3
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Dawg, my fav Final fantasy game is the no. 7, because it was the first RPG i ever played, and I have a thing for freaky hairstyles so....yeah...
Besides freaky hairstyles being the main reason of why i like the game (i hate the random battles, ugh), i love...loooooooove the rude crude chain-smoking captain cid highwind and his freakin' tea addiction biggrin
Probably Tactics or VII, both have a fantastic story and great characters, but I love the job system in FFT more
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My favorite Final Fantasy game would be Final Fantasy VII. I love that game because the story wasn't straightforward as many other games were and I just love the music. This is one of the games in which the story and music mattered more than the graphics. It became my favorite immediately and nothing has beaten it since. It was always my favorite and will continue to be for along time since the recent Final Fantasy games are not as great as this one.

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