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Which Final Fantasy is your favourite? FFX ^^
It has everything I love in games- awesome characters, an amazing storyline, romance heart , turn-based battle system (FFX-2 was more realistic though), a bad guy that you actually HATE (Seymour sucks) and THE BEST LEVELLING UP SYSTEM EVER!!!! The graphics were also stunning and the areas were so diverse and beautiful. The party of characters are all different and it was really hard to choose a favourite, but I love Rikku. She's awesome xp
It started when I was watching my brother play it, and I was poking fun at the game because I thought Tidus was really annoying (I don't think that now though). And then later in the day my brother said that there was a character who reminded me of him [Yuna]. So of course, I just had to play it then. As soon as I met the crew in Besaid, I fell in love with the game whee
It wasn't always my favourite, before that it was Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core.
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If you're specifically asking for X-2 then I'd have to go with Rikku, Payne and Seymore

In all honestly though, my all time favorite female character is of course, Tifa from VII

As for males, that's hard. I have so many. But mostly only two. Vincent Valentine and Genesis Rhapsodos.But I've always loved Nanaki, Zack Fair, Rufus Shinra, Reno & Rude, Cid Highwind, Squall Leonhart, Laguna Loire, Kuja, Rikku, Lulu, and odly enough... Snow
FF8 was my introduction to the series and I loved the characters and story so much that it still holds a special place in my heart.

But FF10 is the best. Just the overall story, world, different characters, music and Tidus telling the story along with the ending of the game make it that much bigger.

Plus I loved 10's main character so much, I love Squall too. in fact both main characters because we got to hear, or see what they were thinking and feeling throughout both games. It made them far more real to me and I connected, better actually than I did with Cloud where I had to guess at what he was thinking or feeling a lot of the time.

Where with the other two this wasn't a problem and I knew where they were coming from when vocal Tidus stated his opinion. Or indifferent Squall made a callous remark to somebody. Whenever they did this there was thought and weight of behind it, that the player got to see for themselves. Therefore Squall and Tidus seemed more 3 dimensional than the others.

And though Squall was fit to be a leader much better, Tidus openly questioned something others dared not, a part of life they just took for granted was necessary and good for them. It took an outsider to make the party think about it, to help them I guess in a crazy world and that resonated with me. Though Auron and Yuna should get credit for their roles just as much.

It became my favourite when I finished it.
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crises core
because all the characters are cute
no it wasnt always my fav whee
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I have enjoyied all of the final fantasy story lines and games I have played. My favorite is FFX-2, I love the outfits, the story and the characters. I also loved FFVII dirge of cerberus, it was awesome biggrin finished both main stories and still playing, finding hidden stuff and extra features. heart
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In my opinion the 13th one. I beilve I truly liked and loved playing. It has a certain appeal to it no matter what and the graphics are always beautiful in final fantasy.
crises core because the ending was epic and sad
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Final Fantasy 12 if my fav and its been since i first played it on its release which sorta bumped out my old fav Final Fantasy 7.. i mean the battle mechanic is smooth and no longer a stand in line fighting and they have interesting characters..

"Hello..." "hey buckethead" ~Vaan~

Final Fantasy VIII

This song makes me cry happily every single time I hear it. It moves you.
So say what you will.
Which Final Fantasy is your favorite?
Why do you like it so much?
When did it Become your favorite?
Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another?

My favorite Final Fantasy game was FF Tactics. I generally tend to prefer the War of the Lions release now, mostly due to the updated script which made it so much easier to understand the subtleties in characterization. I actually haven't touched the original port in quite a while.

I like FFT because of its complex nature. A lot of the story needs to be figured out by the players, and it's open to quite a bit of interpretation...which I always love. I'll admit...the turn with Ramza is a little boring...being that it removes him from the initial conflict in a sense...but the battles were fun. I also love the replay value. The story alone makes it worth replaying, but the battle system is always fun. New challenges and new combinations to try. And the music is always worth revisiting.

I think FFVII holds a special place in my heart only because it was the first FF that I played (barring Mystic Quest)...but I generally prefer FFT.
Final Fantasy XII.

My experiences with Final Fantasy are sadly very limited. I did play a bit of Final Fantasy as a kid, but as I didn't understand English back then it kinda just was a series of games with some fights. The first Final Fantasy that I played and understood was Final Fantasy X which I borrowed from a friend. It was suprisingly good, but I never got around to play it trough. Then I bought X-2 myself and played it a couple of times. When I finally decided to play it trough our house kinda burned down and that was it for that game. (note that the game wasn't the cause) Between those two XII was the only FF game that I had actually played trough and I really loved it. It was the reason why I wanted to finish my X-2. Just to see if it was as good. If I hadn't played XII through I doubt that I would have bought both XIII and XIII-2 for Ps3 and TA2 for DS and played them trough as well.

I also have FF 9 on Ps 3 but the battles seem rather slow. Does anyone else have this kind of problem or is it just me? I think that when I had it on PSP it was smooth.
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It's hard to choose
but i think the one i always prefered is the VII, not only 'coz the storyline, also for the nice personalities of the characters. ^^
My favourite villian has to be Sephiroth, that unscrupulous b*****d.o,o
The sexiest... uhm...
final fantasy 7 is the best advent children & crisis core and derge of cerebus
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Final Fantasy VII

I dont care what the haters says. I still beleive its the best because its the first RPG game I've played with a good story line and a good ending XD

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