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of course mine goes like this the anthology series of ff, then x then xii, then vii,

leme see vi-mad transexual general who wants to kil vereyone
X- i am jecht and my son is going ot kill me with the help of my teammate, my summoners doughter, a blitzball player, a thief, anda lion thingy
xii-Politics was introduced again.....first time politics was introduced was vi
I adore seven and Tifa Lockhart is my favourite
Final Fantasy VIII, hands down.
I always hated it when I was younger. As soon as we bought it, it didn't captivate me at all with it's long tutorials and complicated story. My sister absolutely loved it and I had no idea as to why. Anyway, I started playing it, because I thought I'd beat every Final Fantasy. When I started this one I was so bored, so drained, I didn't really want to play it at all. Then I got past the Garden, and went on to the next part of the game (liberation of Timber). Suddenly, I started getting really into it. I got so into it, I played 11 hours non-stop, and started having hullocinations. The game had finally grabbed me. I started to love the characters, the story, the battle system. Everything. I thought it was amazing. Then I met my other half, and I found myself connecting with the game's love story more and more, not just that, but I adore the ending, and the final castle. The game is complicated, and it can ber very slow. But, personally, I think it's a misunderstood masterpiece. People complain Squall is whiney and emo, but he's not, he's goes through such a character change, believe me, I've been there, when you lose people who are meant to care for you, you grow up without trust. You grow up being kind of cold and negative, and I love how in this game you see his love for this woman (Rinoa), as well as his relationships with his friends make him realise he can trust people, as well as be there for them. I know I'm going in depth with this, but I've connected to this game so many times in the past.
Final Fantasy VII used to be my favourite due to it's beautiful environments and amazing gameplay, but that changed to V because of it's campy charm. Now VIII has pushed them both out of the running.

I'd like to mention X, as well. I adore that game for many reasons, it holds a special place in my heart, and I think Tidus is one of the best heroes of all time. Perfect character.
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Final Fantasy IX will always be in my favorite RPG games forever. It was my first RPG game when I was very very VERY young during the PS1 era. I came back to play Final Fantasy IX again a few days ago, and I cried because of nostalgia.

I like everything in Final Fantasy IX. Each character and their personality is unique plus the storyline and game play is super fantastic cat_4laugh
FFXII has been my favorite out of all them. For me, it had a great story line, and also the graffics were great too. I also like how the combat was set up compared to some of the older FF games.
I'm not going to lie... the first Final Fantasy I ever actually got into was Final Fantasy VII, the Prelude.
I played maybe 20 minutes of the 12th game... but I hated the "Select attack" and "choose target" option. I just want to go full out and kill whatever gets in my way, but nope... chuck testa. The new format slowed me down and made the game less exciting.
I'm standing my ground... My favorite has to be 7. I got attached. heart
FF-X is my fav mainly because bahumut looks so awesome, plus you have blits ball and yuna, also the ending was unexpected i kinda saw tidus dieing but i never saw the fact tht he never excisted comming i was shocked.
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FFX ~ Idk y but compared to others.. I just seem to enjoy FFX better u.u ~
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Final Fantasy 6 is easily one of the best Final Fantasy games out there, but that is my opinion, and the creator of Final Fantasy said it was one of his greatest works.
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final fantasy 6 because of kefka cus the mouse is SMACK eek dab in enemy territory. mrgreen mrgreen ninja rofl
Final Fantasy VII! There are many reasons I can list on why I love that one but it would take forever. To put it simply, the characters, the BGM's, and the story.
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final fantasy four...the main character was awesome but i cant remember his name
Which Final Fantasy is your favorite?
VII and VIII 3nodding

Why do you like it so much?
They bring back a lot of memories from when I was younger since I would watch my brother play it. I love the characters, the music, the story line, the setting, etc. etc. smile It's places like Balamb where I wish I could study. And I wish I could ride the rides they have. xd

When did it Become your favorite?
I used to watch my older brother play the games and I used to be so amazed over them.

Was it always your favorite, or did it displace another?
It has always been my favorite. I have tried playing other Final Fantasy games (X, XII, XIII) and even though they had better graphics, I still preferred VII and VIII. biggrin
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Final Fantasy 6 all the way Bro!! whee
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Final Fantasy VII because identify with the Cloud *w*

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