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My favorite one is X
It has like a great story line that revolves all around religion and how sometimes dying is the best option. I don't know I felt like I could connect to those characters the most. The Aeons were fantastic!! Although I prefer XII Espers way better. Also I love Yuna she is my idol. My previous favorite was XII but the storyline in X was way better. It became my favorite like 3 years ago I think.
FInal Fantasy 7 Dirge of Cerberus. it was my first FF game, and i loved it. it was full of action, awesome characters, had a good soundtrack, and even though it was short, it was awesome! and having Gackt's music in that game made it even better!!!!!
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Though I have a soft spot for all of them except for XI~ Final Fantasy I was one of the first games I ever played when I was a little kid.. They've always seemed to be there at special times in my life, and the stories are very close to my heart. The only reason I didn't care for XI is because I don't like MMO's.
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i HATE xii square should have fired the staff
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FF IX best i think...nice combination caracter,so cute n have card game.
i had play FFVII n FFXII nothin special.xP
but my best character favorit is cloud at FF VIII
Final Fantasy X is my top favorite. It has amazing graphics and a very good storyline. The characters are very like-able and you can connect with them. Final Fantasy VIII is my second favorite. It has an amazing storyline, and the graphics aren't half bad. I just don't really like the idea of the GF
mine is part 1 ! I love the characters, especially the princess heart heart heart
My favorite was Final Fantasy X2. I loved the plot and the characters were fun. The graphics are AMAZING. The sad thing is I never finished the game. sad I was almost there and just stopped playing. :/
this is my opinion but i like final fantasy 13-2 the story and the fighting gameplay is pretty fun haha
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Final Fantasy IX

Ya know its really a tie between FFIII(VI) and like most others FFVII but i love VI alot more razz
Which one was it where all the characters were really bubbly ?? Can anyone tell me ??

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my fav is finalfantasyV sweatdrop
Final Fantasy IX is my favorite. In my opinion, VI was the best, it introduced many elements which became franchise staples until X. I dunno, but I really disliked X dramallama
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......everryone knows it is vi smile lil children

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